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                Chinese News Feed

                Zhuhai luxury villa! This is the real "hotel class" mansion.

                houchetousheji @ 2020/04/28

                Today we are going to share a set of model villa in Zhuhai, Baoli Jiuzhou Tian and "Yu Shu" group. "Obsidian villa" , Design area 885. Also The biggest one 。 As one of the original concept works of the original stone series, the mysterious low-key Obsidian villa has redefined the high-end. Villa Luxury house.

                In order to highlight its unparalleled size, designers dig deep into the life pursuit and taste of the occupants, and show the quality and scale of the Obsidian by fully displaying the scale and stability of the space. It is linked to the high net worth business people who are strategizing.

                Delta SNP Kyushu poly day and villa Obsidian Suite

                This case For the occupants to build high-end hotels, clubhouse resort lake. I'll show you today.



                Basement plan

                As the biggest feature of the whole villa, the basement has all the functions of leisure and holiday, and embodies the luxurious connotation of being famous. The whole underground space is full of art and fashion, and is itself a work of art.

                The reception hall is divided into cigar area and Party area. The Party area uses the combination of black grey, golden red and four colors, and uses different lines to enrich the vision of the whole space. The furniture layout of the high and low, the unique modelling, together with the miniature landscape area with Mini bar, can invite friends, Chang Yi party.

                The cigar area was launched by the famous furniture brand B&B Italia, which won the Compasso dOro Awards prize by four degrees. The furniture with strong sense of art and design was gathered or dispersed, presenting a comfortable atmosphere suitable for intimate conversation.

                Sports training area has become The new permanent standard of the mansion. Obsidian villa sports training area Very spacious, wrapped in black gold, revealing a different sense of power.

                The rotary staircase is replaced by a steel structure to create a lighter form. According to the diver's diving attitude, the original artistic works, "the upper good is like water", is divided into two parts: the earth and the sky. The combination of "Tianshui" and "earth water" balances Yin and Yang and encompassing everything.

                The sandwiched belonged to the heroine's magnificent illusion, retaining the golden color, and adopting the idea of lighting layout of the store and art gallery, in sharp contrast with other spaces, to emphasize its own uniqueness, thus presenting a noble and luxurious art space.

                Delta interlayer Plan

                The painting "ocean current" is closest to the staircase, and its blue and complex waviness symbolizes the ocean. The rivers converge and the rivers flow. The sparkling wave symbolizes the magnificent and magnificent sea, and symbolizes the power and art of life.

                [First Floor]


                First floor plan

                The staircase is covered with grid, and the black foil is like a fine stitch on a custom suit. The art display device, placed behind the glass partition, catches the moment of water droplet falling. The hands of the sculpture reverently hold together, solidify and sublimate the tension at that moment. The design of the combination of virtual and real is somewhat mysterious, meaning that the still waters are deep, and Ningyuan is far away.

                The first floor living room and dining room use their own unique metallic Obsidian definition and the space luxury quality. The complex combination of loop lines creates a wealth of interaction and echoes in the space of static and dynamic separation, so as to truly realize the experience of living at a luxury level with one view and one view.

                The design of concealed lamp position in the space makes the lighting play a role of atmosphere. Use the hotel lights to focus on lighting, guide the line of sight to stay on the decorative elements, so as to create the atmosphere of the atmosphere of the dark experience, to foil the noble and mysterious characteristics.

                Baxter, the top furniture brand in Italy, has always pursued the pursuit of creating artworks. Its works add extraordinary artistic taste to the living room. Above the gray tone, the dark red embellishment is quite outstanding, which is more mysterious and charming.

                The combination of Chinese and Western Kitchen reflects the expectation of high net worth people's leisure vacation. The restaurant combines Chinese and western kitchen, and is suitable for many kinds of use scenes to satisfy the owner's demand for cooking food for his family and friends.

                Young but bold and innovative furniture brand SHAKE works with novel chairs. Besides providing comfortable experience for the owner, it also gives space an elegant artistic tension.

                [Second Floor]


                Two level plan

                The spacious master bedroom has two yardsticks across the bay. Under the modern metropolis style, the space is mostly straight and sharp lines, showing a concise and conventional temperament.

                Off the shelf partition with rich and accurate lighting techniques, creating a constantly changing functional scene between dots and lines, and more in silent words about the owner's personality and pursuit.

                In the main defense, the design breaks the conventions, placing the shower room and the bathroom in the center of the whole main body, covering the marble background wall, and adding the brass metal molding frame, creating interesting and fashionable features, with both looping lines and visual focus. Around the "central island" structure, and then integrated into the cloakroom, washing table and bathtub area, so that the entire main body to break through the inherent shape, and create a new space temperament.

                On the basis of similar Obsidian texture, children's room interprets the tranquil and dynamic atmosphere with yellow and green, and combines two children's completely different characters.

                Give life space and taste space different interest, with high gray main colors and leather, stone and other materials to reproduce high-end people's life scenes.

                Those who are developing in the same way with the city have been walking in the front of the era with a deep and implicit connotation, avoiding their fronts and retaining their own style.

                Project Name: Zhuhai Baoli Jiuzhou Tian and three phase Villa - Obsidian Villa
                Project address: Zhuhai
                Interior design: Shang Na Bo Na space planning joint office
                Authorized area: 885
                Scope of appointment: hard and soft design
                Chief designer: Wang Xiaofeng
                Design team: Wang Xiaofeng studio

                Architectural design: Shanghai Euan architecture Tsukito design Inc
                Landscape design: Hangzhou Ando architectural planning & Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

                Interior lighting consultant: Guangzhou ice candle lighting design Co., Ltd.

                Art consultant: Guangzhou Lufang Art Design Co., Ltd.
                Shooting team: one thousand degree vision
                Furniture Customization: Foshan Mingsi Furniture Co., Ltd.

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