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                In the relationship between men and women, men do not give you these 3 things.

                ieq365 @ 2020/04/27

                (film tail song: Ye Qing Qing - learning will not be brave)
                Source: white orchid Michelia, ID:nvrendds

                Not all emotions are worth your while.

                Some people, you love to the bone, but his attitude towards you is always cold and indifferent.

                You strongly support this so-called marriage, in the end, it is only touched yourself.

                If he does not love you, you will not be able to help yourself again.

                In the relationship between women and men, a woman must always be sober. If a man has not given you all 3 things from beginning to end, then advise you not to love it, because it is really not worth it.


                Emotion is like being a human being. It must be clean and clear.

                If you love someone, you must be fair and aboveboard, not sneaky and shameful.

                If you regard your love as life, then you should not let it be humiliated.

                Love can be noisy, but it must not be unclean.

                Do not be the third person of emotions. Even if you are deceived and also a victim, you can quickly wake up after you see clearly what he really is.

                If he really loves you, he will not give you a vague relationship, so that you will not be able to stand on all public occasions.

                He is nothing more than a picture of you, your youthful beauty, your gentleness and thoughtfulness, your obedient understanding.

                It can be said that after all, you are just a dispensable person. You can always find alternatives.

                No sense of fame, from beginning to end, is just a hoax.


                A man has a heart, not to see what he says, but to see what he has done.

                The promise is very simple, the upper lip touches the lip, simply a few words.

                When you decide to make a decision, when you say it, it also makes you move in a mess. How many people do you remember after that?

                Many women have received such a "empty check". At first, they held it in their innocence, thinking that there would always be a day to cash in.

                But for a long time, many times, and then slowly sober up. It was just a consistent routine for some men. If you are true, you can only blame yourself for being too naive.

                You should recognize earlier: in a relationship, if a man breaks his promise again and again, he has never fulfilled his promise, then he actually does not love you so much.

                Such a man, of course, is not worth your love.


                Affection needs companionship.

                But it doesn't mean that just by being around is meant to be accompanied.

                Many couples live in the same room every day, but the two hearts are already moving away from each other.

                True companionship is the interdependence of spirit and the conjunction of spirit.

                Even if we are temporarily separated from each other, every day we think about each other.

                We will exchange information from time to time, telling each other about their recent happiness and sadness. We look forward to the reunion of tomorrow, encourage each other, comfort each other and work hard for the future happy life.

                This is also company! Even though thousands of miles apart, the two hearts have never been separated from each other.

                As long as the heart is together, love will not be far away.

                The man who loves you is always in your heart.

                If he is around you, he will accompany you to eat, go shopping and watch movies. When he cries, he will hold you. When he is sick, he will take care of you.

                If he is not at your side for a while, he will warn you later, always remember you and always return your message at the first time.

                That's the way a man loves you.

                These three things, if your loved ones have never given you, then please think twice.

                Life is precious. Do not waste time on those who are not worth it.

                Author Jane Introduction: Miss Bai, women in the workplace, who write warm and powerful words, share interesting and meaningful life with you, grow with you and stay strong with you. The new book "live like what you want" is being sold in Dangdang exclusive sale. Public number: white orchid Michelia (ID:nvrendds).

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