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                Chinese News Feed

                Stray cats take the initiative to bring people into the supermarket to buy snacks, often touch porcelain in this way, and finally meet the people who love it.

                mczys001 @ 2020/04/27

                Do you have What happened to Kitty's "touch porcelain"? ? A lot of stray cats will choose to see people, feel that the other party is well intentioned, will take the initiative to rub his legs. If What do you do when you meet a cat like this? Recently, there was a netizen from abroad who had encountered such a thing, and her actions were praised by many people.

                This lady is called. Tina She did that weekend. Go shopping in the supermarket But when I walked to the door of the supermarket, I saw it there. A cat sat staring at her. ! The cat is a little dirty and looks like a stray cat. Tina approached and touched it. The cat led her to the supermarket.

                Tina was very curious about where the cat was going to take her. About a minute's walk. The cat came to the supermarket to sell cat food shelves. Then look at cat food and look at Tina. Obviously, this cat wants Tina to buy cat food to eat. Tina feels this. Cats are certainly not the first time to do this. How easy it is to lead people to buy cat food!

                Sure, Tina. I bought a packet of snacks for the cat. At the time of payment, it confirmed the guess just now.

                The cashier said the cat. People who often come to supermarket to buy Porcelain in such a way. 。 But cats also look at people. Only when there are good people in it, will they be led to buy cat food or else they will not take care of others.

                In order to prevent cats from continuing to touch porcelain like this, Tina decided to do something by adopting the cat. Give it a name, Cong Cong! Since then, cats have ended their wandering lives. Tina also took it to the hospital for physical examination. Insect repellent and sterilization were done, but there were many small wounds on it. It should be caused by fighting with other animals while wandering.

                Anyway, The cat has now "touched porcelain" to a master who loves him. This is a good ending. They say that pets choose their own owners. Your meeting may be fate. May you always be happy and safe!

                More Touching pet story Please pay attention to WeChat public number: mczys001, thank you.