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                Chinese News Feed

                Light extravagance + new Chinese, popular!

                zhuangxiubbs @ 2020/04/28

                Click the blue word. "Decoration treasure book" The answer to the decoration problem you want to know is all here.

                One of the most popular design styles nowadays is the integration of tradition and modernity. " New Chinese style " Now. The rise of light luxury also makes the new Chinese style more fashionable and exquisite, which is more and more in line with the aesthetic pursuit of young people nowadays.

                The traditional Chinese style has been precipitated for thousands of years. After countless years of vicissitudes and historical baptism, it still has a strong charm of oriental aesthetics.

                But under the influence of the change of times, this kind of Complex carving and strong colors The traditional style of home furnishing is obviously unable to satisfy the living habits and functional requirements of modern people. " New Chinese style " The birth.

                The new Chinese style is based on tradition and ingenious fusion of modern features. It is based on Modern elements And Classical elements The combination of the expression of people's pursuit of elegant and implicit Oriental spiritual realm allows traditional art to be extended in modern life.

                The new Chinese style is not simply a stack of elements, but a simple and unsophisticated design, which harmoniously integrates traditional and modern elements.

                The whole space not only inherits Chinese antiquity but also shows a certain modern urban atmosphere. The shape lines become more Smooth and clean Color matching. Simple and elegant No longer appear strong color with large area and high saturation, only a small amount. Bright colors As an ornament;

                In terms of material application, New Chinese style Although it is still dominated by simple and unadorned solid wood, it is also bold in adopting. Metal, leather, marble And other modern material mix and match, in addition to the unified style, it gives the new Chinese style more luxurious charm.

                The ingenious collision between new Chinese style and light extravagant wind has injected modern Chinese household. One thigh Fashion and elegance Breath. The overall design is elegant, atmospheric and integrated. It enriches the whole space level and displays perfectly by using ceramic, calligraphy, tea, potted plants and other objects of classical flavor. Chinese traditional art The eternal beauty.

                If we say, the traditional Chinese style is more inclined to create. Luxurious, magnificent, carved and painted The artistic effect, then "Light luxury" The new Chinese style appears. Concise and clear Many. Not only in the style of temperament changed "flashy" nature, become more low-key, elegant, and broke the traditional Chinese style too solemn, boring atmosphere, make the new Chinese more practical, more modern sense.

                When new Chinese meets light extravagance, it will not produce a sense of violation.

                It is based on inheriting and carrying forward the traditional Chinese aesthetics, and creating modern traditions with the aesthetic taste of modern people. Simple, comfortable, air and elegant. On the one hand, this is not only a natural revelation of classical feelings, but also a high quality lifestyle that young people aspire to.

                With the blessing of "light luxury", today's new Chinese style is no longer the exclusive preference of the parents generation. It has also been gradually sought after by the post-80s and post-90s young people, and has become a new trend.

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