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                Chinese News Feed

                The plain grey sportswear is so hot.

                bazaar-china @ 2020/04/28

                Recently, the most popular problem in shoe circles is that Stussy and Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage2 have jointly stolen shoes.

                And then the "St" ssy x Nike "ugly dress" is also on the screen. A kind of A kind of

                Ya Ya & Jin Xiao clock

                At first glance, is it a set of grey sportswear with a Logo? Where is it fashionable?

                Gou Huan actor Liu Jun lie

                All the stars are rushing to wear, and your husband will never let go!

                Park Chun Jun (left) Xu Guanghan (right)

                It was supposed to be a straight man's dish. As a result, even a girl like Nana wore a cool and lazy feeling. It was very beautiful.

                But if you think it's just an ordinary grey sportswear, it's too naive!

                Compared with the sneakers, this set of Sweatsuit is more consistent with the St Street attribute of ssy.

                Since the birth of street culture, Sweatsuit is a very important part of street culture and has become the main force in this year's street fashion invasion.

                To trace back, the earliest sweater appeared in twentieth Century, and was designed by Russell Athletic in 1902.

                In 1922, Russell Athletic began to tailor their exclusive clothing for athletes. This also began the beginning of the trend of wearing clothes to the public.

                The uniform of the athlete has changed from heavy wool fabric to a light and comfortable sweater, which has greatly helped the body stretch. Comfortable clothes also quickly spread to the army with the development of ball games.

                Later, Bennie Russell, the founder of Benjamin Russell, invented the cotton jersey to replace the old wool uniforms. The round neck sweater, which has enhanced comfort and durability, has been greatly loved by athletes, and has been the representative of sports since then.

                Speaking of it, Russell Athletic, the largest sportswear manufacturer in the United States, is 17 years older than Chao Champion.

                By the year 70s, the street culture in the world was prevalent. Different cultural circles such as rap, underground band, skateboard, graffiti and so on emerged one after another. The low cost, loose and loose sweaters stood in the opposite direction of the mainstream aesthetics to a certain extent, and poked the rebellious street children's taste.

                Even for a period of time, Wei Yi was regarded as an inappropriate garment, banned by schools and shopping centers, and was endowed with the anti mainstream meaning of social class and street culture.

                In 80s, Sweatsuit gradually became a symbol of cool and rebellious Hiphop culture from a sports functional clothing, and was popular among street people.

                It is amazing that Sweatsuit has undergone almost no change in design for nearly a century. It is still the original version, and has been continuously embraced by street stars.

                Even gradually broke the circle, rushed to the luxury show T, many brands have to get together to launch sports suits.

                Gucci 2020 autumn winter series / Valentino 2020 autumn winter series

                Some trend watchers think: "people are ready to meet the next big hot spot, and sports suits do not need to worry about not wearing good clothes". They are suitable for every type of body and can also hide the fat and thin changes very well.

                Today, she came to give Amway a good sports suit, and comfortably go out on the upcoming lifting day. A kind of A kind of

                Cotton Citizen

                Laziness preferred

                First of all, the brand of pick is Cotton Citizen, which is a niche brand. The sports suit of your family has a lot of powder sucking.

                Look at the Gigi Hadid high frequency strength deduce you understand. A kind of A kind of

                It is rich in colors and elements, and can be easily styled and refined under the premise of comfort. It is not surprising to get the love of Gigi Hadid.

                Cotton Citizen is a sports leisure brand. Its sports suit has the details of "care machine" and durable fabrics, and is also the most suitable for lazy people to wear.

                All the garments made by Cotton Citizen are designed and made in a private factory in Losangeles. No matter the style of the shirts or the style of the sweater, they can not escape the traditional basic version, but they are also simple and generous.

                The basic cotton fabrics are treated as luxury goods. They also include organic cotton and regenerated cotton. The quality of Luxury is increased by manual sewing and hand dyeing.

                Each of the Cotton Citizen products is treated by brand logo manual dyeing. The unique denim dyeing real is realistic, and it is really very attractive.

                Want to relax get to Gigi Hadid fashion, choose Cotton Citizen is absolutely right!

                Cotton Citizen

                Brooklyn Sweats

                Reference price: $225

                Available at: cottoncitizen.com

                Cotton Citizen

                Milan Crew

                Reference price: $195

                Available at: cottoncitizen.com

                Cotton Citizen

                Brooklyn Oversized Hoodie

                Reference price: $245

                Available at: cottoncitizen.com


                "Ring of colour"????

                Entireworld, which is popular with INS, is also obliged to mention. A kind of A kind of

                Of course, the most attractive thing is the plain colored clothes with many colors, which has won a large number of loyal fans with colorful sports suits.

                Red, yellow, green, blue, purple and so on. Many people who like Entireworld will call it rainbow??

                The founder, Scott Sternberg, has multiple identities. Besides fashion designers and photographers, he also plays the role of the chairman and founder of the band.

                Entireworld is the first clothing brand he founded. The style is simple and the fabric is comfortable. Basically, it can be defined as a household clothing brand.

                Scott Sternberg once said, "sports suits need to show the leisure wind of 1970s". Besides being rigid and loose, the profile should not be too high and tight.

                In addition, Entireworld has been buying the French terry cloth with special touch from Japan, and its investment in fabrics is also very attentive.

                In addition to considering the beauty of tailoring and the color of clothing, and taking into account the subtle feeling of customers, it is very clear!


                Loop Back Sweatshirt

                Reference price: $88

                Available at: theentireworld.com


                Loop Back Sweatpants

                Reference price: $88

                Available at: theentireworld.com


                Cotton Loop Back Sweatshirt

                Reference price: $98

                Available at: theentireworld.com


                Potential share

                "When the street clothes are on the road, people will buy nice hoodies to match with Bottomwear, but nowadays, with the popularity of Instagram culture, people are turning to sports tops and sports pants, because this is an effortless and effortless form" - Madhappy co-founder Peiman Raf.

                This is a brand based in Losangeles, founded by Noah Raf and Peiman Raf brothers and Mason Spector and Joshua Sitt in 2017. Their average age was only 24 years old.

                Madhappy launched many sports suits with strong street style, which has been popular among many people. Fruit sister Katy Perry is one of them. A kind of It is.

                In addition, LVMH Luxury Ventures, a French luxury giant LVMH group, has invested in Madhappy.

                It's definitely not easy for LVMH to win the support of Madhappy from the group.

                In order to "make the world more optimistic" for the mission, combined with street clothing and sports leisure style, Madhappy launched many comfortable men and women.

                In addition to the design of logo with various words, eye color is also one of the key points, and the main customer group is young person, 18 to 30 years old.

                The founders believe that "Mad" and "Happy" are the essence of life. They can accept imperfections and meet success.

                Just like encouraging everyone to have a positive and optimistic attitude, Madhappy has such a magic power.



                Reference price: $185

                Available at: www.madhappy.com



                Reference price: $276

                Available at: www.madhappy.com



                Reference price: $118

                Available at: www.madhappy.com

                Outdoor Voices


                If Madhappy is the perfect combination of street breeze and sports and leisure style, then Outdoor Voices is to maximize the characteristics of sports and leisure.

                The upper body of supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is very grass planting. A kind of A kind of

                Outdoor Voices is an emerging sports brand in the United States, founded in 2013 by Tyler Haney, a graduate from Parsons Design Institute.

                Just like brand slogan embodies "doing things is better than not doing things", it becomes the biggest label of Outdoor Voices, and takes the sweat as the most prominent function design, the fabric is strong, breathable and light.

                In addition, Outdoor Voices also blurred the boundaries between sports and fashion, and sportswear can also be divided into minutes.

                The brand also invited the designers of Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein and Lululemon to participate in it, hoping to bring more possibilities to Outdoor Voices through a completely different design style.

                More consideration of dressing technology materials is also one of the main reasons why brands are popular. Tyler Haney spends a lot of time learning about the science behind the materials.

                Making fabrics that can be applied in all kinds of activities, rather than single sports functional clothing.

                The definition of purchaser is like sports, not professional, and encourages sports to bring health and happiness.

                Outdoor Voices

                STV.OV Sweats

                Reference price: $85

                Available at: www.outdoorvoices.com

                Outdoor Voices

                Cotton Terry Crewneck Sweatshirt

                Reference price: $65

                Available at: www.outdoorvoices.com

                Outdoor Voices

                STV.OV Hoodie

                Reference price: $95

                Available at: www.outdoorvoices.com

                So, it's better to be prepared for the upcoming lifting of the ban.

                Editor / Chen Xixi

                Editorial assistant / Apple