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                Fantasy Westward Journey computer version: the treasure cabinet Dragon Palace lineup is overturned by big grams, Ming Xiu garden waves "adversity pull" to climb the top to win the championship

                yzzyouxi @ 2020/04/28

                Hello good evening, everyone, the 2020 triple star invitational tournament was launched yesterday. Among them, the "King's division" team of the Tianyuan group's treasure Pavilion and the "Tsuen moon beauty" team of Ming Xiu Yuan were promoted to the finals. The king of the treasure Pavilion can be said to be the overlord of the Tianyuan group. Their hardware and command are all super top level.

                The composition of the beautiful team of Ming Xiu garden is composed of the role and command of Qufu Confucian Temple suit and Taizhou Bay service team. They even defeated him in the semi-finals to overcome the west gate old street.

                Next, let's take a look at this group of top competitions in Tianyuan, and do not like to read the text version of the students.

                First, lineup tactics.

                The "watching the moon and the beautiful moon" Hawk array: the daughters, the Putuo, the earth, the Datang, the Shenmu forest.

                The Dragon King: the daughter, the Putuo, the underground government, the Datang, the dragon palace;

                The battle side hawk was 10%, and got the 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 speed, almost perfect opening.

                There is a ban selection mechanism in the finals. Ming Xiu garden is banned from the local government and the Huasheng temple. The treasure house is banned by the local government and the female tomb. Both sides are disrupting the regular team of the other side. The king of the treasure pavilion has just won the champion of the martial arts altar. The Dragon Palace's new lineup has been exposed. This lineup will usually give the Dragon Palace a tiger head position or a dragon three position, resulting in a high face injury.

                The beautiful moon in the Ming Xiu garden is a hawk array, a big dragon dragon and a small tiger tiger. It is easy to grab the 1 speed of the seal system. In addition to the East, the Ming Xiu garden also has seven wars between the galaxy and the Arab League. They first experienced the new lineup of the treasure Pavilion in the finals of the Wu altar, and deliberately carried Putuo, and were not afraid of the forbidden temple.

                Although the Dragon array is not afraid of being grams, the speed of the master of the treasure court is all lost, even if the hardware is strong enough. Relatively speaking, it is better to get a bright start in the Ming and Xiu garden.

                Two. War situation

                In the first round, the Kwan Fang village's awareness of the anti spot, the opening paper man, the baby card Daikin, the battle side double output and kill the good and evil points to kill.

                A kind of New and old players, click on the collar horse bag!

                Generally speaking, the battle side is rarely opened in the case of big grams, but this time the lineup is different, and the speed is all lost. The watch side has a high awareness of the point of attack, and takes advantage of the advantages of big grams and speed to prevent the paper from being attacked.

                In the second round, the war side quickly cleared up the killing side of the rival side, killing the baby. In the second round, the Zhan Fang Fang killed and killed the Dragon Palace.

                In the following rounds, the two sides complement each other's small stunt, speed up each other, compete for the first speed and the physical speed. The war watching side should be steady and steady, making use of the advantages of the Qing Dynasty when the Dragon King Palace fell to the ground, and strengthening the control of the situation and waiting for the second wave of attack.

                From the data of the second group, the dragon's palace's high output and low resistance will not be ignored, but at the same time, it will become the entry point of the battle side, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

                In the tenth round, watching the battle side water + + five dragons to ensure that the dual output shot, once again no solution to kill the Dragon Square, but unfortunately the small death is not yet.

                In the twelfth round, the battle side pulled up the Dragon Palace, and the Dragon Palace's strong dragon exploded and fell to the village of the daughter of the battle side. After the 16 round, the 2 times of the death spectrum of the government extended the small death, and the war side had the opportunity to take advantage of the temporary speed advantage and the explosion output of the Dragon Palace.

                In the fourteenth round, watching the war party's perfect wave of adversity led to the daughter's instant stabilization, becoming the most important turning point of this PK.

                The best time to pull adversity is to be killed in the second round. In general, the other side will die. Yan Luoling will not be adversity. It is conceivable that the side of the war saw the tactics of the opponent side and prepared them well.

                In the sixteenth round, when the daughter of the Kwan Fu side came to the village, he used the speed of drinking Jing Qing to make the chance to kill the enemy again, and then knocked down the Dragon Palace to fight for the battle.

                In the eighteenth round, the daughter of the battle side daughter was cold, and the daughter of the war side was killed. Putuo Jing Qing once again created the opportunity for no solution.

                In the twenty-first round, the daughter village of the Kwan Fu side broke the jade figure to ensure that the female side of the battle side was able to make a move, and the strong point killed the Dragon Palace. Kungfu's small death falls to the ground, and finally opens up the situation.

                The death of the 20 round is the most dangerous, because at that time, the spirit of life is enough to destroy the enemy.

                In the twenty-fifth round, the war side took advantage of her daughter's village Jing Jing, plus the flames of fire, and tried to sweep away the Tang Dynasty.

                A kind of Click the applet to participate in time limit activities!

                But watching the war side obviously sniffed the crisis, using physical speed advantage to break down the dome sword to kill the opposing party Datang, which led to the Tang Dynasty's insufficient blood and blood. Both sides were killed in the round, but they lost a good chance to kill for the war side. The situation was once bad.

                The 3 successive periods of life and death made the opponent desperate. In the twenty-seventh round, the side of the war finally set out for the daughter village.

                In the twenty-ninth round, the watching side will continue to pour down the Datang without giving any breathing space.

                In the thirtieth round, he began to clear the field. At that time, he could just pull up the Dragon Palace, but was unable to return to heaven.

                Congratulations on watching the United States win the game.

                Three, summary after the game

                The core idea of the GDI is to control the rhythm of the game by spot killing.

                There were 4 attempts to kill the war team, including 1 effective points, early active attack, and the daughter village of the watching party.

                The battle side of the United States, a good team, killed 8 times, killing 7 points, almost 100%, and killing the Dragon Palace at the early stage to defend the situation. Finally, the Putuo must be cleared up, with clear thinking, good stability and bad quality.

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