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                Chinese News Feed

                Two year old Changan Auchan and its electric two hit.

                maliming1112 @ 2020/04/27

                Total number Nine hundred and thirty-six stage

                Full text Two thousand five hundred and seventy word Reading is about need. Five Minute

                Editor in chief Ma Li Ming

                Responsibility editor Zhang Yu

                Editing and editing Tan Yang

                Two thousand and twenty April 26th is a very important day for Changan Auchan. Because this day is the birthday of Changan's Auchan brand at the age of two.


                Auchan, Changan, "two years old"

                Chairman of the board pet powder pie welfare

                So, we witnessed "the Changan Ou Shang brand 2nd anniversary and the new energy new product release cloud party", vice president of Changan automotive executive vice president and Auchan automotive chairman He Zhaobing avatar live broadcast, the scene answered the fans questions directly, generous delivery of super value welfare, personally for Changan Ou automobile "salt".

                In this young and Internet style press conference, he Chao chairman also conveyed a good news to Changan Auchan.

                As a heavy product of Changan's Auchan brand, Changan's Auchan X7 strength has been listed as popular, and has achieved satisfactory results in the continuous sales volume of tens of thousands of units. In the past March, Changan's X7 sales reached 11677 units, ranking fifth in the whole brand SUV.

                Looking at the joy of Ho Chao's arms, his mind in the Marla city also came up with memories of Changan and Auchan in the past two years. It's like a movie.


                "Remembering past"

                Changan Auchan in the horse drawn car market

                It was August 2018.

                And hang up "cloud Eagle" COS1 degrees.

                Across Beijing, Hebei and Mongolia

                On the steppes of Sai Han dam.

                Enjoy freestyle

                Under the blue sky and white clouds

                The motherland is magnificent and magnificent.


                September 2018

                And Changan Auchan "drama" market department

                Together, Yun Chang thought of "50 million".

                How should we spend the listing budget?

                Also experienced the first automobile history in China.

                "Zero friends circle listing"

                "Final landing"

                At the end of 2018

                We meet again in Dali.

                Driving COSMOS (Ke Shang)

                In the sea, facing the wind and clear waves.

                Also feel

                The shape and meaning of autonomous high-end MPV

                July 2019

                Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

                We saw "Changan Auchan".

                As China's first private rail grade rocket

                The successful launch was launched.

                Excited by Changan's Auchan

                The "big" dream carried by the "small" rocket


                November 2019

                In the solemn Great Hall of the people

                This is not only the listing of Changan Auchan X7.

                Also has its strength powder.

                After harvest "tender feedback"

                That's a common apple.

                But the family relationship between Changan Auchan and its clients.



                The fate and story of Mara car market and Changan Auchan

                Still on


                Not yet to be continued!


                "Exploring unexpectedly"

                Typical cases of "business transfer" and "traditional Internet connection"


                After recollection, it is supposed to be a meditation. It is not hard to find that under the background of the third start-up of Changan automobile, Changan's Auchan's two years are actually regarded as a typical case of the transformation of Chinese car enterprises from "commercial vehicles" to "passenger cars" and from "traditional car enterprises" to "Internet car companies".

                The road of transformation is bound to be full of twists and turns.

                In order to achieve such a great transformation success, in addition to relying on the strong technology and R & D capability of Changan automobile, Changan Auchan must also have the hard power and real skill to win.

                The answer given by Changan Auchan is innovation. Of course, this coincides with the theme of the third start-up of Changan automobile.

                In traditional cognition, most of the "institutional" car companies are hard to adapt to the market development and pace changes because of their large size. In the past two years, Changan's Auchan accelerated its innovation. There are not too many flashy "hot spots". Instead, we should concentrate on the products and services that customers care about.

                Remember last year, Changan Auchan X7 listed in the Great Hall of the people, Changan automotive executive vice president and Auchan automobile chairman he Chao soldiers talked about "Changan Auchan can provide users with anything", said: "one is to provide users with reliable quality, comfortable driving and driving, to meet the family trip scene of the car; two is to provide customers with intimate service, sincere communication, and build up. Let's create an exchange platform to create a sense of belonging for the Auchan family.

                So we saw the listing, which was widely praised, including X7, Changan and Auchan, and also benefited from the "big family" between the manufacturers and customers built by the style APP, so that customers and Changan Auchan established close family ties.

                Not only that, Changan Auchan also pioneered the industry's first 10 thousand subscription customers for X7, and launched the two major rights of "lifelong free maintenance and repair". Since the demand is really hot, 7000 places have been increased urgently.

                The product is solid and service in place, and it can also provide considerate consideration for customers and provide differentiated rights and interests. So the success of Changan's Auchan transformation is natural.

                If the realization of "business transfer" and "traditional Internet connection" are the 1 period of Changan's Auchan transformation, then obviously the layout of the motorized layout should also come at the same time as the harvest season and the opening of the new journey.


                "New journey"

                The first pure electric SUV and MPV release

                Changan Auchan Electric Company


                On the birthday of Changan's Auchan 2nd anniversary, Changan Auchan also brought two new models, all of which are EV products. This undoubtedly marks the road of electrification of Changan's Auchan.

                Changan Auchan X7EV announces pre sale price

                Changan's Auchan X7EV, which is positioned as a pure electric compact SUV, is officially open for pre-sale. The price range of the pre-sale price is 169 thousand and 900 -18.99 yuan.

                Changan Auchan X7EV is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack. It also carries a motor with a maximum power of 150 kW and a maximum torque of 310N. M. Under the premise of fully protecting the vehicle safety, the vehicle also gives its 405Km comprehensive mileage.

                Unlike the ordinary pure electric vehicle, the fast charging / slow charging interface of Changan Auchan X7EV is not only on the left and right sides of the vehicle, but on the rear of the "cloud Eagle" on the front of the vehicle.

                In terms of configuration, the new car will continue the advantages of Changan's Auchan X7 in terms of intelligence. It will bring more driving intelligence with the same level of unique face recognition, intelligent power up and down system, DMS customer care system, "thousands of miles" remote video system, open OnStyle2.0 Auchan intelligent network system, 5G compatible vehicle chip IMX8 and other intelligent configurations.

                Changan's Auchan X7EV, who has opened the era of pure electric vehicles "brush face", can rely on the "explosion red gene" of Changan's Auchan X7, and can also break through a field in the field of pure electric SUV. I believe this is a matter of expectation for every person who cares about Changan Auchan.

                EV is officially listed

                As the first pure electric MPV model of Changan Auchan, the EV price was officially listed at the price of 166 thousand and 800 yuan after subsidy.

                The car is also equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery. The maximum power of the motor is 90KW, the NEDC mileage is over 400kM, and the fast / slow charging mode is supported. The new car also carries rich electronic security systems such as ABS+EBD, ESC electronic body stabilization system, TCS traction control system and so on.

                It is worth mentioning that before the listing of the vehicle, it received the first batch of 3000 cooperation orders made by the domestic Internet travel service platform bang bang and Beijing Changfeng Group.

                The Changan Auchan's first pure electric SUV and the first pure electric MPV launched at the same time, means that Changan Auchan has taken two major steps in the field of new energy, and it also sounded the "charge number" of Changan's Auchan electric transformation.

                In the end of his birthday in Changan, Auchan also offered an egg for fans. Changan Auchan will also bring a brand new product in May 4th, and the answer will be announced eight days later.

                Ma said:
                Recall that two years ago, when the Changan Auchan brand was just established, there were many people in the industry. However, Changan's Auchan, with its steadfast and enterprising spirit, has shown us a typical successful case of innovation and transformation of independent car companies. The combination of the two pure electric vehicles means a new starting point for Changan Auchan bus station, with a new dynamic sequence, a better product matrix and more high-quality products and services for customers.

                It is easier said than done. The success of Changan's Auchan transformation and its prospects can not be separated from the efforts of every one of Changan's Ou Shang people. At the same time, such a case may be worth many other independent car companies.


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