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                92 thousand! Experience the burst performance of the new M3 in advance, will you?

                gtuucom @ 2020/04/27

                   Since the beginning of last autumn, BMW M Power has started upgrading its vehicles. The X3 M and X4 M, which are equipped with a new S58 engine, are really satisfying for a lot of Bimmer. It's not only satisfying the M, but also a very hot engine. The performance requirement of Power is based on high performance to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations. This strength has once again laid the role of BMW in the six cylinder engine field.

                   In X3 M/X4 M, the engine can burst at least 480 of the maximum horsepower, and then the upcoming blockbuster M3/M4 new vehicle will also be equipped with this engine, I believe that performance will only increase, before the media exposed a new generation of G80. M3 may have three kinds of power specifications, which are 444 manual versions, 480 basic versions and 510 thunderbolt editions, which is really looking forward. But without official news, everything is just speculation.

                Figure: a new generation of G80 M3 for road trial

                   For a lot of performance fans, it's a long time to delay the release of new cars. It's a real struggle. But if it's really itchy, M Performance is also a good choice. Before the advent of the new generation of M3, this is the flagship representative of the 3 character generation. M340i xDrive or M340i xDrive Touring is worth playing.

                   If you think the performance needs to be improved, you can give it to third party performance reproducers, such as G-Power, which is only one word difference from M Power. They recently upgraded and upgraded the M340i xDrive of B58 3 liter six turbine gasoline engine at different stages, and finally got the same horsepower value and the M3 M3 power.

                   The first is the GP-420 power upgrade kit. Only the ECU is rewritten. The name of the package can be seen. 420 represents 420 horsepower, that is, the B58 engine from the original 382 horsepower to 420 horsepower, the peak torque is 600Nm, while the 0-100km/h accelerated performance is shortened to 4 seconds on the basis of 4.4 seconds of the original plant, the cost is 1695 euro, according to the current exchange rate. It is equivalent to RMB 13 thousand yuan.

                   If you think it is not enough, you can choose the GP-470 power upgrade kit. On the basis of brush ECU, replace the exhaust system, catalyst converter, etc., further increase the output to 470, the peak torque can reach 650 nm, shorten the 0.2 seconds to 3.8 seconds on the basis of 4 seconds, and the price of the GP-470 suite is 8172 euro, or about 63 thousand RMB.

                Of course, if 470 horsepower can't satisfy you, G-Power has the most powerful kit, which is the GP-510 power upgrade kit with 510 horsepower. On the basis of GP-470, it will replace the larger turbocharger and the stainless steel mid tail exhaust. After a series of optimization and adjustment, the maximum horsepower and peak torque 690Nm will be reached, and the acceleration of 100 km will be achieved at the end of the GP-470. The score is 3.7 seconds, and the data are quite impressive. This kind of performance is coming directly to the upcoming brand new M3. Of course, the price is not cheap. The GP-510 suite sells for 12017 euros, or about 92 thousand yuan.

                   In addition, it is worth mentioning that after improving the performance, in order to remove the extreme speed seal, G-Power also specifically raised the maximum speed of the meter to 330km/h. Does this mean that the M340i xDrive after the upgrade kit can reach 330km/h at a speed? It is worth looking forward to.

                You feel How did G-Power change?
                You choose to change Or do you continue to wait for the brand new M3?
                Message to tell us!

                Photo / G-Power
                Author / OneX

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