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                Chinese News Feed

                Why do Yang Mi and Wei Daxun need official propaganda?

                jyc0574 @ 2020/04/28

                Source: Yi Jie sees a movie

                Yang Mi Wei Daxun's love story has another story.

                Media exposure, April Seven On the day after Wei Daxun finished filming in Shanghai, he drove back to the hotel with Yang Mi. During the period, the man's assistant bought ice cream for two people, and two people went upstairs together after eating ice cream at the door of the hotel.

                This is not simply eating ice cream. Yang Mi recently recorded a variety show "escape from the chamber of secrets". Although the schedule is very full, he flew to Shanghai to meet Wei Daxun, because April. Twelve It's Wei Daxun's birthday. It's a little sweet text for a girl in love to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday.

                Wei Daxun also poked the f show in micro-blog's dark poke: "I hope that today's birthday partner can be with this favorite person in my life".

                In fact, this is the third time that two people have been photographed "dating".

                2019 Nine In April, two people were photographed wearing the same shoes. Twelve Two people were photographed in a suspected hotel meeting.

                Combined with Yang Mi and Wei Daxun in the variety show before. Of Dubious performance, two people in the sweet love period, almost is a nail in the face.

                After being photographed again and again, the melon crowd could not help anxiously asking: when did Yang Mi give Wei Daxun a reputation?

                Many netizens have speculated that Yang Mi's familiarity with paparazzi has been photographed frequently. Is it trying to test everyone's acceptance and test the water for the next official propaganda?

                Why do you have such confidence in Yang Mi's official propaganda? A big reason is that Yang Mi said in an interview about N years ago. If you are photographed, you will admit it.

                But today Yang Mi has been different, and in Wei Daxun's feelings, honestly, there is no reason for "official propaganda".


                It is also a routine operation in the entertainment circle. Let's see what kind of situation the star will announce.

                1, the official Xuan is because of the certification, the law is firmly established and must be declared.

                2, the first red to arrive, the initial love affair, purely show love, satisfy the little girl's declaration of sovereignty sweet feeling.

                3, officials declare that people are set up, either for some benefit or for some kind of voice.

                The privacy of celebrities is set up, traffic, business, and official propaganda is nothing more than the delivery of their privacy under the weighing of pros and cons.

                Back to Yang Mi, does Yang Mi need these days?

                Let's see if we need more traffic and commercial value.

                2019 Forbes on the list of Chinese celebrities, Yang Mi ranked ninth, the actress is second only to Dongyu Zhou, taking into account two people in the commercial field is two styles and ways, Yang Mi in their subdivision business value, there is no doubt about it.

                Celebrity endorsement of the most gold absorption, Yang Mi's current endorsement involves light luxury, luxury, beauty makeup, sports, electronics and other 13 categories. Nineteen A brand. Including the world's first brand spokesperson, the first Asia Pacific brand spokesperson and Two A spokesman for Greater China.

                In the past two years, Yang Mi has added 8 endorsements, holding Estee Lauder, CROCS, MO&Co And so on, and so on. The strength of Yang Mi, the queen of goods, should not be underestimated.

                First of all, Yang Mi does not need to rely on romance to create traffic, to boost her business value. In a sense, she signed Di Ali Gerba, and gambling with many investment institutions, she was already not a female star, but a female entrepreneur.

                Secondly, Yang Mi still has a love affair, must he tell the joy of the world?

                I think there must be some joy in love, but it is not enough for her to "fight the world" or "regardless of all costs".

                At the beginning, at the peak of popularity, the high opinion entered the marriage and then decisively ended. Love affair official Xuan, marriage official Xuan, divorce official Xuan, the process went through again, the taste of official dividend is afraid that it has already tasted enough.

                Seeing flowers and witnessing flowers, people can not be tired of life.

                So, assuming that Yang Mi has announced her love affair with Wei Daxun, what will she get?

                No more than two.

                One is that the public is starting to urge marriage. For a definite love affair, most people acquiescence to a result.

                But for Yang Mi, after all kinds of marriage and childbearing, and interest binding, is it hard to restore freedom now? Will marriage be what she wants?

                I'm afraid not.

                On the other hand, after the official announcement, she and Wei Daxun did not marry or fell in love.

                Even so, she has to carry more interest binding, such as whether the two sides want to speak together, whether they want to work together with sugar makers and so on.

                The impermanence of the entertainment industry has been seen by everyone. Long and long time is an extravagant hope.

                A love affair that has been declared and separated will only add a negative touch to her emotional experience.

                And she will be magnified as a mother. "Do you love your child without being a child?" It is a moral judgment that the East Asian audience loved and blurted out.

                Over the years, Yang Mi has become an "old soul". After years of entertainment in the entertainment industry, her heart has been worn out.

                Looking at things in a cool way, from the earlier interviews revealed that "exposing privacy is just what we want from the masses and me," and to the recent interview, "what do you think will not affect me"?

                She was no longer the more rash or more sincere Yang Mi, she was mature.

                In this relationship, it is obvious that she is the one who dominates everything. She is not worried about losing, who is not responsible for it, nor need to explain it to anyone.

                Why is this freedom free from bondage?


                As for Yang Mi and Wei Daxun, whether there will be official propaganda or not, there are a group of netizens.

                In their view, Yang Mi certainly does not need official propaganda, but Wei Daxun needs it, and when the game between lovers is involved, the final result is hard to say.

                I agree partly with this view. Ha ha.

                Part of the premise is that Wei Daxun's family is not rich but expensive.

                In the program, he revealed that his father was a businessman. He found that his father was in the real estate business.

                In Wei Daxun's father's Real Estate Company, Wei Daxun's shareholding ratio is 99.9%, and there are eight companies' control power. In case of not mixing entertainment circles, it is possible to split the president in minutes.


                Yang Mi is a dream he started from his youth. It is a love that makes dreams come true from childhood to most unlucky.

                Therefore, the sweetness of love is definitely true, but Wei Daxun's mind will be more complex, and it must be true.

                The entertainment industry is too high and low, and there are too many parents. Under such psychological pressure, Only flow is the real class.

                This kind of desire is sometimes not a face, but a hidden mental subconsciousness.

                Moreover, even Zhang Dayi knows that the future of China is the 20 year of the Internet. How difficult is the industry at present?

                Official propaganda, from popularity to finance, is indeed a greater achievement for Wei Daxun.

                Sweet, he declared his sovereignty and gave himself more sense of security; he was "a man who had stooped for the day" and had no loss in public and private affairs.


                When I talked about Yang Mi's official propaganda, I thought of Faye Wong. Although two people are different in the field, strength and status of entertainment circles, they have the same points in dealing with feelings.

                Whether it is to choose to marry a reproach at the peak, or to make a decisive exit after marriage is urgent, including finding younger partners later, is a direction.

                • For those who have been in the entertainment field for a long time, yes. Outside voice, A certain degree of immunity.

                Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse have been photographed N many times, the voice of official propaganda has been continuous, but two people are not affected at all.

                And because of this, their official propaganda is a secret recipe. They don't need to show their reputation. Even if you don't know what the secret recipe is, you will still pay the bill.

                They have already jumped out of the general law and become a kind of weather.

                In the past, the heart could not be obtained, and the future heart could not be obtained. Then they really got the way -- living in the present, almost greedy and unscrupulous.

                "You are not living for these words," why do I persist?

                Then, I wish Yang Mi, who lives for himself, to grasp the sweetness of life, and to enjoy the precious young girl who can still be protected.

                - END -

                About the author: Yi Jie (Zhou Guiyi), a 14 year old published novel collection, won the 18 year old new concept contest, and published 33 years old bestseller. You are worse than the winner of life. Interview with stars for over ten years, mothers who love movies, share feelings in light and shadow, about parenting, marriage and love. The original public number "Yi Jie watching a movie" (ID:eemovie)

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