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                Chinese News Feed

                One button advanced, gold and silver made of pure clean skirt.

                cosmochina @ 2020/04/28

                The news is so exhilarating that everyone is celebrating and spreading it to the rest of the world! There are Korean dramas to catch up.

                Lee Min Ho, Kim Gao Yin - Goddess goddess joined hands, watching the starring lineup is enough to make Korean girls crazy screaming.

                The King: Eternal King.

                Who can't play Lee Min Ho when he is riding on the white horse when he is back to his peak?

                "The King: Eternal monarch" the plot also abandons the vulgar love stalks, tells the parallel world story: the male main is wants to close the gate of the Korean emperor Li Gun, but the female main is wants to guard the friend and the love modern criminal police, the two people toss in the two parallel worlds to help each other.

                Parallel world! Destined! The stills will be sweet enough to panic.

                At present, the number of update sets is relatively small, so we can save it and catch up again. But the gold and silver shirt skirts need to be put on the agenda immediately.

                In the two publicity photos that have been published in advance, Kim Gao Yin chose a lightweight skirt to express the fairies. A "light green long skirt" comes with the fresh and refreshing flavor of spring, and the combination of fog and green and folds also perfectly reflects the sense of light retro.

                Dress: Lemaire

                Another black graffiti is also a gentle yarn quality, gold high silver seal certification: is the outstanding temperament choice.

                Dress: CHANEL

                It's not too much to say that this dress is gold and silver. In this month's commercials, the charm of "Fairy Spirit" is also outlined in a loose, simple, white shirt and long skirt. It's true that oxygen beauty is right.

                Goddess exclusive

                Even though it is a shirt skirt, this horizontal looking vertical view from gold and high silver is totally different from that of a serious shirt that we used to think. Let's not mention that this lightweight long shirt skirt does not choose the age, the most outstanding and the most outstanding temperament.

                Anngelina Jolie turned it out every summer and wore Athena in minute minutes.

                Angelina Jolie

                Kong Hyo Jin, who recently appeared in pictorial pictorial, is also a light, long shirt skirt. The ornament of broken flowers makes the seemingly simple skirt type more diversified. The 40 year old Kong teacher always takes the temperament that is dissociated between the maiden sense and the intellectual beauty.

                Kong Hyo Jin
                Dress: Thursday Island

                The Chinese team also sent out temperament players. Wuli Yuan Quan elder sister can control the style of the super, daily modeling, she prefers bias and comfortable skirt. Never overly modify and highlight which part, but it is a way to keep your eyes open.

                Yuan Quan
                Long skirt: Chlo e

                Of course, the skirt is chosen correctly. After 90, it can also be GET for a second.

                "South Korea is wearing a model," Li Shengjing did not love sexy sweet sister wind. Instead, he explored a set of his own style. Among them, the long, pink and lace dress is a fairy dress with comfort and beauty.

                Wear is not tired of reason.

                To sum up, it is not difficult to find some common features of this long dress shirt.

                First of all, it is obvious that skirts are mainly made of long skirts. Secondly, the skirt has a strong sense of falling. The natural wrinkles formed in the hem lift up the air very much. In the end, it is adornment with soft and elegant fabrics, far softer than the stiff texture.

                Kaia Gerber

                Looking back at fashion history, this skirt pattern has a long history, but there are some changes in every era. Today, it has formed a combination of both ancient and modern.

                Traced back to ancient Greece, a piece of white skirt was the original prototype. Because ancient Greece is located in the Mediterranean peninsula where the climate is hot, people at that time liked to wear wide and light clothes. Usually the beautiful hanging drape is usually displayed in the way of hanging, winding and tie up. At that time, the most popular fashion was called "Chiton". The sense of elegance of modern shirts and skirts is exactly where they come from.

                At the romantic court of France, the comfortable skirt was awakened again. The difference is that in the flashy age of lordosis, it can only be used as pajamas even if it is loose and comfortable and beautiful.

                But there are also some changes: in order to cater for the sexy design at that time, the collar of the folded skirt was added with the lazy collar design.

                After all,

                With the awakening of people's awareness of clothing, the pursuit of a comfortable and comfortable ancient Greek version of the skirt gradually replaced the tedious waist waist skirt, and the modern shirt skirt without fetter and immortality has its original prototype.

                In twentieth Century, in the crowd, Chanel ladies, who stood in simple fashion, stood out from the crowd.
                From the movie fashion pioneer Chanel.

                A dress designed by Chanel to follow the streamline of the body.
                From the movie fashion pioneer Chanel.

                The ancient Greek skirts of the romantic romantic circling is still brilliant, but there are more changes!


                Ancient Greece was a matriarchal society with a supremacy of women. The popular greek dress at that time naturally became the inspiration source of many feminist brands, such as Dior. Compared with the original Greek skirt, the flapping hem is designed to shoulder shoulders and waist and so on.

                Dior 2020 spring summer series

                Dior 2020 autumn winter series

                Chlo AI, who is more interested in romantic French style, has weakened the sense of strength and displayed the unique female charm of Greek dress with a soft touch.

                Chlo e 2020 spring summer series

                Frigidity and Minimalism

                The brand that pursues the cold wind generally does not emphasize the physique curve, and the dress is dominated by the H word version. But most of them will use unique tailoring and modification to create an artistic conception that is scattered and scattered.

                Compared with the purposely pursued skirt wrinkles, they prefer to rely on textured tailoring or fabric to highlight the movement of the hem.

                Lemaire 2020 autumn winter series

                The Row 2020 spring summer series

                Natural forest system

                The fashion of fashion treatment in Bohemia has been pursued freely, and the comfort and freedom of dressing rules have been publicized to the extreme. Instead of painting the original Greek skirt, they draw the romantic and free part of the wild Gypsy wind into modern fashion.

                So we saw the color block splicing, coloring, lotus leaf and other patterns filled with a shirt skirt, perfect interpretation of "Greek skirt Sen system" style.

                Loewe 2020 spring summer series

                Stella McCartney 2020 autumn winter series

                Stella McCartney 2020 spring summer series

                I want all kinds of customs.

                The shirt skirt in the past was very sculptural. Today's shirt skirt is a sense of laziness in the past. Of course, just like tens of millions of brands of shirt skirts, we can choose a lot of styles.

                White - the freshest

                If you want to create a fairies with no clouds and no smoke, a long white shirt will help you!

                If you want the skirt to be immortal, the thin fabric with better texture is the most lethal. A breeze blowing through the skirt can bring its own blower, the version is relatively loose, but there is a small sex appeal.

                Zhong Chu Xi
                Dress: CHLOE

                Compared with the silk skirt, cotton shirt skirt has more simple leisure temperament, wearing slippers and carrying grass bags, and summer cool feeling is super full.

                It is obvious that cotton can be integrated into more three-dimensional thoughts, such as folds, bubble sleeves, doll collar and other elements, which completely molded the white long skirt style with different styles.

                Dress: GANNI

                Alyssa Coscarelli
                Dress: either and
                Handbag: Little Liffner
                Sports shoes: Eytys

                Color vitality

                The high saturated color skirt can catch the eye in spring and summer. However, it should be noted that bright colors are not suitable for too complex decoration. Compared with the rich design of the hem, the H shirt skirt is more outstanding.

                Nataly Osmann

                Dress: Alexandr Rogov

                Handbag: Prada Sidonie

                Chloe Hill
                Dress: Rika Studios
                Handbag: Wandler
                Boots: Dries Van Noten

                Conservatives may wish to focus their attention on the earth color, a little creativity in the waist and shoulders, or adorn with gold accessories, all of which are fashionable and full of tricks.

                Leonie Hanne
                Dress: Jacquemus
                Handbag: gu_de
                Sandals: The Row

                Print sweetness

                Printing makes fashion more lively and easier to create a variety of styles.

                Korean soft sister can use broken flowers + soft translucent yarn quality to create a girl full of feeling to wear, minutes minutes provocative Yu Zhiming.


                Qi En Shi

                Wave dots, stripes and lattices can be used for refreshing routes in spring, and daily commuting is excellent.


                Don't want to be too monotonous? The brightly colored crash printing assures you. The simple skirt of the shirt skirt is covered by the wanton and crazy color, and the complex pattern instead of the pure color becomes the focus of the whole body. Fashion essence can also embellish exaggerated accessories on the body and bump into a higher sense of Mashup.

                Dress: Munthe
                Sandals: Bottega Veneta

                Giovanna Battaglia
                Dress: Valentino
                Sandals: Aquazzura

                Brand: Asceno current price: HK $3528.40

                Brand: Fano Studios current price: HK $232

                Brand: Blancore current price: HK $1650

                Brand: Rayna.G/ current price: $348

                Brand: Jw Anderson current price: HK $4619.48
                Click to buy

                Last year's BM, the new year's wind. It is not an easy task to show oneself in the fashion trend. It is not as easy as this summer's SLAY skills to teach from golden high silver: ordinary shirts and skirts are not worn out.

                picture source

                Pinterest / I NS / orient IC / Sina micro-blog

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