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                Chinese News Feed

                "Heavy lifting eight pieces" engine deep lifting oil increased number of suspended cases and fool identification method 30 seconds lecture hall

                miaodongche30 @ 2020/04/27

                Welcome everyone to watch 30 seconds to understand the new car program "30 seconds lecture hall", this program will mainly explain the technical problems in plain language, in addition to the conventional technical explanation, of course, will also reveal some of the car companies to avoid the problem, then let's start with a recent hot topic -- oil phenomenon.

                The history of oil injection is not a case. The word "oil increase" is opposed to burning oil or oil consumption. We always think that oil will be less and less, but the increase of oil in fact is more likely to happen in modern engines than burning oil.

                The increase of oil is actually more terrible than burning oil. It's not that if you don't burn oil, it's okay. First we need to know why the oil will become more. We should first introduce a key word oil dilution. You can understand that there are many other things in the oil, such as water, fuel oil or antifreeze, which will cause serious damage to the engine once the oil is mixed up to a certain amount.

                The first possibility is also one of the most important types of keyboard, which is "the dilution of the engine is the problem of piston rings, because the piston ring clearance is too large", but on the contrary, if the piston ring is excessive wear and decrease in elasticity, it will increase the consumption of oil, and the new engine is unlikely to exist because of piston ring wear, cylinder liner or oil radiator aging. Now the problem of oil and water interchanging.

                The second possibility is that a car company has to admit that fuel atomization is bad. For example, a car is equivalent to an old toothless old lady. It does not chew its own function and needs to be fed to others. The thinner the food she eats, the better digestion and absorption. If you feed corn to the old lady every day, she will not digest it. The same is true for cars. If the atomizer is not atomized, the gasoline will hang on the cylinder wall. A wet wall occurs. When the piston moves up and down, the fuel will slip along the cylinder wall to the engine and blend with the engine oil.

                If you pay close attention to the recall documents on the oil, you will find that the reasons for each brand are strange, some are not designed, some say the parts are defective, and others simply say that the hand shaking during assembly is telling you how fragile the lubrication system is. Then you will ask, why do we eat dump in oil, why do we dig our own holes once and again? Very simple, because the engine is not passing on Jiabao! It has to be updated. Basically, the engine of each vehicle enterprise will be updated in three to five years. If you are lazy, you will have to replace it for another ten years. The lesson on the old machine may not be used in the new engine, because the new structure and new technology of the engine will mean that the lubrication system must be pushed back, just like your high school mathematics study is better, so that you will fold the road as well. Li.

                In addition to the problems of design and parts, the manufacturer's solution is the most effective and the lowest cost, that is, changing the fuel injection strategy of injectors, such as two to three fuel injections, reducing the penetration of fuel in the combustion chamber, thereby reducing the wet wall of the machine, which is equivalent to feeding the old lady large grains of poor digestion, but once Just feed one and digest slowly. This method is the simplest and most direct way. The manufacturer gives a set of adjusted ECU programs to recall the owner to 4S store to brush a computer. If we want to thoroughly cure this problem, we need to replace the injector, or even redesign the combustion chamber and injector position. However, the first solution of the manufacturer can solve the problem of the increase of most oil. In addition, we can try to avoid short and long idle speed for cars. At the same time, we also expect that if one day the engine evolves to avoid using oil, the problem will be completely solved.

                Chinese:“大卸八块”发动机深扒机油增多悬案 附傻瓜式鉴别法 | 30秒大讲堂