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                Chinese News Feed

                6 days after he lost his dog, he recovered his house. Even his master could not believe it. How did it get back?

                mczys001 @ 2020/04/27

                For the pet shoveling officer, The most worrying thing is that they will lose. Now! It will try every means to get it back, and hope that pets will know the way home and find it back. And this happened recently in Guiyang, Guizhou. 6 days after missing, a dog recovered its home. Even the master could not believe how it came back.

                The owner is called. Mr. mill, he has a little dog called a multi sister. 。 When I went out to walk the dog in April 14th, I was lost. Searching everywhere has no result. 。 Mr. mill is very self reproach. The first thing to do is to go home. Release dog search notices In the vicinity of the home, I hope that a good hearted person can find many younger sisters, but they haven't heard anything for several days.

                How many days have you lost your sister? Mr. mill was empty in his mind. After all, after many years of raising a dog, it's hard to say "no"! However, the sixth day of the incident took a turn for the better. Mr. mill's wife called him and said that many sisters had found it. Mr. mill immediately put aside his things and hurried home. When I saw many sisters, they cried excitedly.

                While excited and excited, Mr. mill and his family share a common doubt. How did she come back?

                So by looking at the elevator and intersection monitoring of the District, we found that Many sisters actually came back by themselves. And I myself Went up the elevator to the door and scratched the door with claws. When the son opened the door, he went home. When he got home, he hid under the table.

                After this incident was reported, many netizens praised many girls. Mr. Mill said It rained in those days. And the roads nearby are not good. Many sister can find it by herself. It's not an easy thing. These days, they are all dirty, and they can't sleep well. They want to feel bad once.

                There are also sharp eyed Netizens found in On the way home, another dog was escorting it all the way. When the younger sister got home, the dog left on its own. It's a very lucky thing for multi sister to go home by herself. Not all lost dogs can do this. 。 We should still warn dogs who have dogs. Be sure to tie the rope! Bolt! Bolt! For others, for its safety too!

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