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                Chinese News Feed

                The people's daily issued a blog: "to stop animal performance," please turn!

                aimao1024 @ 2020/04/27

                Love cat
                The warmest public number in the whole network, the good cat slaves are concerned.

                On the day of Earth Day in April 22nd, the Qingdao forest wildlife world made a decision: Permanent stop animal performance, instead of animal science classroom.
                The people's daily also sent micro-blog to praise the move and called for an animal performance ban.

                Netizens also expressed their support. " Science animals are more meaningful than animals. " "Please stop performing animals, no watching, no harm."
                It is hoped that the Qingdao forest wildlife park will play an exemplary role, calling for more zoos to stop animal shows and spectators no longer to watch these performances that are contrary to animal nature.

                "Stop Animal performance" is the general trend. Behind the so-called "wonderful" of animal performance, there is an extraordinary cruelty.
                Trap It was the first documentary film of animal protection in China. It was photographed in 2016, a circus in a scenic spot.

                This is a label. "Look carefully" The movie.
                The black bear, looking at the stupid and foolish, stood and walked up and down.

                Rope skipping and stool jumping are not very willingly, but the trainers urge them to do so.

                Bear is born walking on its limbs. How can they change their natural state and achieve the "simple and honest" effect of personification?
                The training is like this. The neck was tied to the iron chain and forced to stand.
                The black bear was unstable, unable to get along and unable to walk.

                It looks like fun acrobatics is also tied to the neck. The trainer held the stick beside him, and urged him to finish it.

                Not obedient, beaten.
                Look at this bear's response to the raising of the palm of the hand.

                And dogs. Lovely little teddy, as if everything.

                Teddy is smarter than other dogs and looks cute. This advantage makes them the most popular performing dogs in the circus.
                But for Teddy, the show also means. From childhood, the training of "dog sex" is constantly deprived.

                It's not funny to laugh at the price.
                At least in the animal circus, there are tiger animals. Under the orders of the trainers, the king of the forest jumped the wreath.

                Run like a hamster, stand up, raise your hands and surrender.

                Why are these tigers so obedient?
                Or fight. Once you are not obedient and your movements are not standard, the stick will not stop.

                Every trained tiger has absolutely no such wild and wild predators as we can see in the documentary. All were sluggish and passive in making funny movements.

                Why don't they resist? The teeth were pulled out or worn out.
                No matter how smart or intelligent, animals can perform. Before they went on stage, they had been subjected to a lot of abuse training and forced to live a life of pain and fear.
                Being beaten and scolded is commonplace, and dignity must be trampled on.
                In the trap, the trainer is giving medicine to a tiger's anus (or temperature). The tiger's tail was pulled to death, but the body was scared to the edge of the cage.

                Three trainers, one with the needle, one by the tail, and one by the head.

                The tiger was simply tied up and not tied up. With the power of a beast, it could have resisted and prevented human beings from approaching.
                Long term slavery, however, has allowed it to surrender completely and to let people do whatever they want.

                And another documentary. The complete investigation of Suzhou Circus It reveals a more brutal way behind the scenes of animal performance.
                People applaud animals on the stage, in fact, let their fate go further into darkness.

                To make the black bear learn to stand and bow. He also used a chain to tie his neck and hang on the wall. As long as it tries to hit the ground with its forelegs, it will suffocate.

                In addition to the neck, there are no painkillers to use the round iron ring to pass through the nostrils of the black bear, so that they can be moved directly in training.

                The king of the jungle was grinded and even pulled out. Life imprisonment in cage and stage. Remind them that they are often injured in the training ring.

                If it violates the wishes of the trainer, the tiger will be forced to choke in the water.

                The macaques in the circus are tied by an elastic rope when the owner is beating with a whip. They can only escape in the original circle and cry out in a fierce voice.

                Many rhesus monkeys do a thousand sets of human pleasures every day.

                If you make a mistake, you will be taught.

                They did not know how much they had suffered before completing the cycling exercise.

                Sancho Gandhi once said: "The moral progress and greatness of a country can be measured by the way they treat animals."
                So, Human beings should not build happiness on animal suffering.

                No animal performance! Refused to watch animal performance! From the beginning of our generation, don't pass this bad habit on to the next generation.
                Diffusion, transmission!

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