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                Chinese News Feed

                Gray + black modern design, this summer makes you cool to "burst".

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2020/04/27

                Hot summer

                Summer is coming, are you afraid of the heat? If you can turn on the air conditioner and drink a cup of Iced Milk Tea, WO~ is not too happy. The design case introduced today will make you feel calm and cool.

                Case information

                Style: modern style

                Author: practical home decoration reference

                Apartment: two rooms and one hall

                Guest / Hall

                Large living room High ash Use color, bold and personality. The L sofa is placed on the gradient carpet, and a private leisure space is born. A dark square tea table is in sharp contrast to the whole space. Just a glance will make you happy. The side floor lamp is the treasure that the owner of the house returns to the sea. It is complementary to the spotlights on the wall. In the hot summer, reading a good book, the cool colors inside the room are enough to keep you cool.

                Kitchen / room

                The semi open design of customers, meals and kitchens adds permeability to the whole space. Why is it half open? Because the designer takes into account the sense of space between beauty and family. The living room and kitchen are separated by half wall, and the wall design of different areas is different. Lamps are installed on the lower side of the cabinet, which makes cooking more delicious. Taiwan Island = bar, a dual purpose Ba is very good.

                Meal / Hall

                The pure white floating curtain adds a romantic atmosphere to the restaurant. The gray and white marble background walls complement the narrow dining lights. This is hidden art.

                Master / bedroom

                The main bedroom continues the overall gray tone, and the folding design of the bedside background wall adds three-dimensional effect to the bedroom. An abstract painting is mysterious and different. A huge Cactus Life is so fierce that every day is a good mood with it.

                Book / room

                There is not much space in the study room, but the equipment is complete. This built-in bookshelf can not only be stored and transparent, but also easy to find. Light grey fabric sofa can be provided for the rest of the house owners. Guests can also arrange guests here. One room for multiple purposes It's not great.

                Hygiene / room

                The bathroom is used. Dry wet separation Design and match marble floor tiles, not only moistureproof but also corrosion resistant.

                Some lovely chandeliers are very popular. Bathing in the bathtub, listening to music. I've been working hard for a day, unloading fatigue and enjoying a comfortable life here.

                This very personalized design case, dare ask? Do you love it? Mei Like your little buddy, please leave a message at the bottom. Let's discuss this cool and cool home together.

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