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                Chinese News Feed

                Minimalism - simplicity and extravagance

                jiasjmt @ 2020/04/28

                Many people think that "Minimalism" is simple. However, the real meaning of minimalism is not simplicity. It simply integrates a completely new way of life into design thinking.

                Minimalism is also a luxury. It simplifies the design of elements, colors, lighting and raw materials to the minimum, but requires high quality and technology.

                Warm grey sofa, standing quietly on the gradient of the same color carpet. The sense of silence in space is awakened by silence. The house is dominated by high grade ash. Everything seems to be covered with gray tones, but it is full of daylight because of its large floor windows, and even if it is full of ash, it does not appear to be too cold.

                From the quiet time, the grey walls to the comfortable seats with orange and blue interwoven, it is like completing a self transformation. The relationship between form and color is continuous, harmonious and complete, and a more pure design and life style is awakened.

                The background wall of the sofa is only lightly adorned, and the single line line drawing and painting are combined with the solid color of pure color, even if the 00 scattered objects are unified.

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                The television wall is simpler and more clear. Under this simple atmosphere, the black and white and three colors are deductive. Gray floor tiles, and extend the gray to 20 centimeters below the wall, in order to play an excessive role in the gray and white interspersed with the black modern fireplace as decoration, whether it is the relationship between color blocks, or the sense of hierarchy are expressed one by one.

                Keep the open pattern, simple materials highlight the details, and simple shapes fulfill the needs. Less is more about the reverse reasoning of life style, and also a new round of design review. There is a secret in opening up, and it can be completely released after restraint.

                The dining room tables and chairs also used the gray tone in style, looking elegant and restrained, creating a warm and comfortable dining atmosphere in a quiet place. The chandelier over the sky is the finishing touch, giving the space a fine style of decoration.

                The mint blue vase, the red maple leaf, you may be attracted to your eyes at once, and give life to the gray space relationship, which is not so dull. Clean lines, pure color, showing the beauty of the structure itself, remove unnecessary unnecessary design and interference, leaving behind is the real high quality living space.

                Simple and practical kitchen space, with the addition of log colors, is more concise. Functional reception, visual color, spatial independence, spiritual intimacy, have reached an extreme.

                The main bedroom continues the style of the whole space. In the spatial relationship of the gray degree, the orange bedding is added to make the ornament, so that the warm tone and soft gray phase can be highlighted. A lamp and a pair of people are the soul of the space.

                Simple and lively space, low chromaticity art is not the only thing. The beauty of harmony of strength and emotion lies in the common choice between designers and people. Reflection, in the process of choice, of course, all these things have gone through, and it is wonderful.

                The background wall of the second bedroom is designed asymmetrically, half the wind is the sky, free, on your right side, half of the water is the earth, nourishing tranquility, moral integrity, silent voice.

                The second bedroom is relatively lively relative to the whole minimalist space. In the white space, bright colored accessories are used as the finishing touch, fresh and green, coral powder, peppermint blue, and a dream of sweet dreams.

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