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                Chinese News Feed

                Xiao Zhan finally made a sound?

                yulechaichuanjie @ 2020/04/28

                He came, and he came with his voice.

                For two months, from 227 to 427, yesterday, Xiao Zhan finally suspected a response to the bubbling AO3 incident. 。

                But is this really a response to the AO3 incident?

                When he got into the heat, he searched He Jiong for fifth times. it turns out to be the case that Apologizing to Mr. Ho, who was slandered by him. What about it!

                Net friend: to offend ordinary people, we must not offend people in circles.

                (offending the details of ordinary people. What kind of sausage has been scolded for a day? )

                In fact,
                At April 25th zero.
                Xiao war also sent a micro-blog.
                Read copywriting,
                It seems to be a psychological summary of these two months. 。 One sentence "Thanks for all good intentions of criticism and correction".

                But look at the map, what? Is it a new song?

                Four 25 June Xiao war whole The new digital album "light spot" is released.

                And this micro-blog, like a horn, sounded the prelude to Shaw fans' crazy krypton gold.

                Originally fans love bean flower money, buy albums, support his career is understandable. But in the battle of Shaw, Some fans urged the student party to cram krypton and keep the bottom 105. The behavior is astonishing.

                Many people have learned a new word: Do according to one's ability That is If you have the ability to buy 100 copies, you need to buy 300 albums. 。 It is suggested to be included in the new Shuo Wen Jie Zi.

                And Xiao Zhan fans crazily krypton buying "light spot" incident, also caused the public attention. This topic is also known as "hot search".

                This sales promotion tone, everyone products.

                The student party 105 starts, the work party is more than 1000 yuan, did not buy, do not say that they are Xiao war fans. 。

                Some people even think that there are fewer 105 pieces of staff, and call for 300 hands. Do not do everything within your means.

                Why 105? Because Xiao's birthday is in October 5th, and fans say his brother's birthday begins at 1.

                The epic level of powder abuse is amazing. Fans who waited too long have finally had the opportunity to spend money on idols.

                3 yuan a song, as of last night, 69 hours, the whole network sales broke 30 million, sales broke 90 million.

                This morning QQ platform shows sales volume of 26 million +. Compared to the new song that Jay Chou issued in September 2019, up to about 8000000.

                This amazing sales volume, many of which rely on fans to buy tens of thousands of pieces of support, and even buy at a stretch of 20 million, the purchasing power is really amazing.

                Originally, 3 yuan, a song's digital album, buy a table is the meaning of the table. Buy three or four friends and send Amway sisters. Buy 10, I am true love, I am willing. But tens of thousands of... Even the shadow of an album is not touched.

                For an economically independent individual, how to spend money is their own choice.

                Can guide young, no economic source of student party crazy krypton... I don't know what to say.

                There are many cases to share with us. Everyone, one product.

                Where do most of the student party's money come from? Is the last payment not a parent?

                Some even say, What is the difference between this crazy chasing star and the campus loan? ?

                Before, the famous up owner. "Half Buddha Fairy" has a campus loan. The portrait of the student group is also very appropriate here. The essence of student groups is that people are foolish and rich.

                Being stupid means that they are easily guided by these remarks under the atmosphere of fanatical buying. Moreover, many minors, the correct consumption concept has not yet formed, where to resist such an offensive?

                "What do you do if you don't buy your brother's grievances?" "Can you figure out how much money you lost before your brother?" "How can you get your brother back here at this time?"

                Under the guidance of such words, many young fans even feel guilty and spend a lot of money.

                The student party is young and immature. It is not fearful that the brain is hot. It is not terrible that people are too stupid.

                Know the user @ Ling Lin said very well:

                It's even more creepy. yes At present, this kind of brainwashing effect is obvious, and many fans even worry about not buying more albums to support their older brother.

                What's more, the impact is long. The business of the leek is over, but the remaining consumption ideas are deeply rooted in the minds of the underage children.

                In the face of the majority of netizens questioned, Xiao war fans have also clarified, for example. Xiao Xiao net Xuan group explained the purchase ratio of "light spot", saying that both the consumption structure and fans constitute healthy. 。

                But knowing the user @ Ling Jun has calculated an account. According to the data given, 26% of them bought about ten million and bought 59 copies per person. Besides, sales are far more than about 16000000 of the bloggers' statistics. Can such purchases be friendly?

                At the same time, according to the problem of proportions, we know that the user, @ Shifan mountain Shifu Shifu, put forward that if there are up to 74% users who buy 3 or less, is there any behavior of using the trumpet brush data?

                The blogger observed the top twenty users of the albums in the local album, and concluded that the number and composition of millions of purchase and the composition of Shaw's new song "light spot" were probably painted by trumpets.

                In view of whether or not to guide students' Party improper consumption, In the afternoon of April 25th, Xiao war studio responded. It is called "every love, no matter big or small, is a meaningful light spot".

                but Some netizens pointed out that these rational calls for micro-blog's release time is in the afternoon of April 25th, "light spot" on the 25 day, 0 points released, at this time, sales have been urging a wave, right? You know, at 2 a.m. on the 25 day, sales broke 10 million.

                No wonder that some people suspect that the studio should be erect again. "Before the sales volume is not stopped, it has been too long to clarify".

                In addition, fans who previously published "buy more" speeches were hit by the "Shaw" global support society as "willing people" and were familiar with the operation of expulsion.

                But if it's just some people who fish in troubled waters, why do they support so much support? Even several users are carrying red V.

                In the wake of the support society and the studio, people who urge the sales volume to be expelled from the store, fans believe that people who advise everyone to buy rationally are black powder pie.

                This is really confusing, calling for fake powder, and calling for sales of fake powder. What are your real fans?

                From the AO3 incident to now, after two months, we finally came to Shaw micro-blog. Between Xiao Fan and the 227 legion, you came to me and torn many rounds. For both sides, it is the enemy's one thousand loss of eight hundred. The popularity of passers-by has also dropped considerably.

                If such a voice comes earlier, things will not be so.

                Is there any reason for Xiao Zhan's fans? Yes, we have.

                We also saw the voice that we wanted to buy rationally in the early days, but such a voice was too faint. Drowned in spread The craziness of the sky Even being questioned is not ulterior motive, but also a bit tragic.

                As a public figure, the importance of correct guidance is self-evident. 。

                Hu Ge refused fans to help him on his birthday, nor did he accept the fans' action of collecting money at the Southern Weekend station. He said he did not want to make a false impression in a special way.

                Even Li Jiaqi, who makes money by selling goods, can also call on the student party to consume sensibly. "If you are 15 years old and have your own financial capacity, then you can come to my studio to do some shopping. After having financial conditions and making money, you can buy something from the studio again."

                The power of the powder circle is huge, and it can play a great role if it is properly guided. 。

                as During the epidemic, a number of star support groups sent materials to all parts of the country, with high efficiency. 。

                Is it not more proud and meaningful to do something meaningful?

                Let's listen to the song "light spot". Lyric Relatively vague.

                But it's not important to hear songs. The core demand of fans is to let capital see Shaw's commercial appeal and prove that "brother is not paste".

                But no matter stars, fans, or even netizens who are involved in saliva, everyone is coerced. In the capital market 。

                As fans, there is nothing wrong with supporting artists who you like, but buying tens of thousands of digital albums at any time is. Fabricate false prosperity by means of abnormal consumption 。 As a public figure, if there is no sense of social responsibility, it is an idol disqualification.

                Now, what kind of consumption does the country need?

                Want to interact with sister?

                Concerned about the demolition of sina, micro-blog, entertainment and sister