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                Chinese News Feed

                Don't offend Zhou Yangqing.

                caozhi163 @ 2020/04/27

                These days, a dear John letter detonated the whole network.

                Zhou Yangqing and Show Luo 9 years of long-distance running romance officially ended.

                As the topic continues to ferment, coupled with the huge amount of information of the breaking up letter, the omnibearing "hammer" gives Show Luo no way to retreat, which has also aroused netizens' ridicule of this "amazing big melon".

                "Some people are eating melon, but smart people have begun to delete chatting records."

                "Few girls can walk out of their boyfriend's cell phone alive."

                Most of your attention is on Show Luo.

                The president analyzed two days ago. Why did 9 years of love fail? Today, the president just wants to talk about Zhou Yangqing.

                "Precision sniper"

                In recent years, the "thunder storm" of CP in entertainment circles has finally come to an endless stream.

                But like Zhou Yangqing's micro-blog, the causes and effects of the events are very clear.

                In this "sniping", Zhou Yangqing's play is steady, accurate and ruthless, and he is stabbed with pain.

                The whole mood is calm. Let's tell the story.

                It's not because of impulse.

                The breakup was due to Show Luo's derailment, long-term improper relations with his staff, and even "multiplayer movement".

                In the face of netizens (eating melon crowds), when wording, A little carelessness can easily lead to public criticism.

                Zhou Yangqing chose to expose each other's faults in one step, without any buffer time.

                Within two days after the dispatch, Zhou Yangqing and others came to apologize for Show Luo's two apologies, micro-blog and Butterfly Sister ins.

                After Zhou Yangqing issued a condemnation of micro-blog, Show Luo apologized and admitted mistake / micro-blog @ Show Luo.

                Some netizens said, Zhou Yangqing now "hammer" how hard, at the beginning of love how hard.

                At first, I wrote micro-blog. You can only understand and charge yourself at the same time. Show Luo's movies frequently fly to Taiwan to see him and cook for her.

                In the end, he found himself betrayed by his boyfriend.

                It's Zhou Yangqing who loves too much. Humble?

                Not necessarily.

                For many years, Zhou Yangqing At their own expense To see her boyfriend's ticket and hotel is because he feels that the other party is not obliged to spend money for himself.

                Shopping first looks at men's clothes because they like to buy things for their boyfriends, and they also like to see the expression of their gifts.

                Zhou Yangqing once sent a long essay at WeChat to talk about his feelings.

                As she said earlier in the interview. Emotional management should not involve too much consideration and jealousy, nor should it be too demanding.

                "When you compare too much in a relationship and you care too much, love becomes a sad thing."

                But love goes to love, and the bottom line is also.

                This love affair, Zhou Yangqing Instead of selling in a weak position, the light is scattered.

                At the same time, the future life should be on schedule.

                This is exactly where Zhou Yangqing's wisdom lies.

                Zhou Yangqing doesn't need your "pitiful".
                Many people are still feeling sorry for Zhou Yangqing.

                "Nine years of love, it turned out to be such an embarrassing situation."

                "There are several 9 years in a woman's life."

                In fact, in Zhou Yangqing's attitude, she has shown a wound:

                Admit that I was cheated, tell everyone, I was hurt.

                Between words, it is not humble and weak, but more objective and calm.

                Zhou Yangqing's coolness and reason is actually emboldened.

                Before she fell in love, she lived free and easy. Like buying tide cards. Often buy buy buy, bask in bask in.

                Because often and gambling king Laurinda interaction, and netizens guess "rich family."

                During the years of "Show Luo's girlfriend", Zhou Yangqing never forgot to "be himself".

                Make brand, open shop, dress design... In the past nine years, her career has been thrived.

                A long time ago, Zhou Yangqing founded his own brand, and began to invest in online business in 2014.

                From choosing money to stare at goods, check it with one hand, and the wrong version of clothes will go back and do it again.

                On one occasion, Show Luo visited her factory and was shocked. Zhou Yangqing's team was very large.

                In 2015, Zhou Yangqing's shop participated in the "double 11" for the first time, and the turnover reached nearly 6 million yuan.

                Today, fans of the store have accumulated about three million fans, and sales are considerable.

                Among them, there is indeed the publicity of former boyfriend Show Luo.

                But I have to admit that if Zhou Yangqing himself did not have a clear plan, Without a business mind, it is impossible to achieve today's results.

                Economic independence is on the one hand, and Zhou Yangqing's most admirable is her magnanimous.

                Face lifting and splitting up are also magnanimous.

                When Show Luo was together, someone picked up a picture of her before losing weight and laughed at her "ugly".

                She replied gently.

                "Now it looks good." "

                She was criticized for her cosmetic surgery. She even has a little "humor":

                "When it's all done, how can I go back?"

                Some netizens ran to her micro-blog and questioned her.
                Zhou Yangqing also did not shy away from his net red identity: "all began to rely on the Internet to make money, and unwilling to admit that it was too loaded." No way, net red is a profession.

                Today, she has nearly tens of millions of fans.

                From beginning to end, she was moving towards what she wanted.

                Nine years of love brought her not only "love" and "hate", but also the independence of the economy and the invaluable toughness and spiritual independence.

                What exactly are we looking forward to?

                Why is Zhou Yangqing so "angry"?

                Because we haven't seen it for a long time, a wounded woman in her feelings did not feel sympathy and sorrow for her in the gesture of the weak, nor did she pretend to be generous.

                But to stand up and point out the people who betrayed her, and hurt her, I want to let you know that it is because of hope that more women will learn from it and never be hurt again.

                Besides, she is not only brave, but also smart enough.

                The cleverness lies in the fact that she never gave up her growth no matter when, whether it was high or low.

                Including the transformation from a failed emotion.

                And Show Luo's 9 years of enmity and resentment, whether he used it or not?

                It is sincere or hype to look at the breakup alone.

                As she pushed herself to the cusp of public opinion, she moved to a higher level.

                Looking outside, people who hurt her are punished, so they gain more attention.

                Inward, she was no longer patient and brave enough to say good-bye to her for 9 years.

                This strong mentality and ability are not available to everyone.

                Sorry for scum, it's not worth it at all / Zhou Yangqing micro-blog.

                Angela Chang, who interviewed the former president, also mentioned:

                For many years, the person who discovered that he really treated him was not worth it. He was annoyed that "I should have widened my eyes at that time."

                "I don't think I'm saying goodbye to the past. Because I am the past, I have achieved what I am.

                Who has no injuries, these are not important, the important thing is to grow from inside.

                Insisting on self growth is, in the final analysis, the embodiment of never giving up self identification and loving oneself.

                Tracy McMillan, 52, has provided an inspiring idea when talking about women's creation.

                She believes that before you marry someone else, you are the best person to marry.

                This means: You will love yourself unconditionally.

                You can't say, "when you have been to Hollywood and vine street, I will marry you".

                You can't say, "I will love you until you lose 10 pounds."

                You can't even say, "if you don't have those failed marriages, I will love you."

                When you marry yourself, you walk along the promenade and go to where you are, and you will find that loving yourself is the only way to your destination.

                In addition, there is no other way / TED speech.

                Why does Zhou Yangqing look impressive this time? Maybe in essence, it has nothing to do with Bagua.

                Rather than looking forward to Zhou Yangqing, we are looking forward to women's self concern and recognition, and finally have a positive voice and response.

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