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                Chinese News Feed

                Quick A station two dimensional game "destiny divine realm: Dream link" was downloaded from the whole network, or because of the plate number.

                youxixinwenlianbo @ 2020/04/27

                The first medium and heavy two - dimensional game released by A station was broken. Why does fate link the dream link? A lot of friends know that fate is linked to the dream world, but they don't know the specific reason. ?

                In April 26th, the two dimensional game, "destiny's realm: Dream link", was released by Sina, A station and tornado storm.

                From 26 to 16:00, we will start off from the platform stores in various channels, respond to higher authorities' requirements for urgent rectification, and suspend all promotion and publicity activities.

                This news is undoubtedly a "blockbuster" to invest in the two yuan hand travel circle and even the whole hand travel market.

                The official announcement of the "fate of gods" at 16 p.m. (April 26th), the game will be rectify, and the whole platform will be set up because of some illegal regulations. The game has completely disappeared on TapTap and AppStore. Oh, poor A stands for a year's preparation, and the game of careful layout has been folded here.

                This morning, AppStore is still recommending destiny's divine realm.

                Cause analysis of lower frame

                First of all, it is certainly not what the official says is the problem of plotting scale. Generally, only the scale is drawn up, usually it will only be forced to update, shielding the illegal painting, and slowly repair, but not the whole platform under such a big action. TapTap has not been able to search, oh, it must be a big problem!

                Before the official announcement of convincing reasons was made, it is still possible that the issue is still at issue.

                Number plate car

                If the game wants to be formally launched online, charging, and advertising in the media, it must have the issue number issued by SARFT. Because No.1 is rare, the layout system filters out many low-quality games to make domestic games more elaborate. Don't be in a hurry to criticize. Let's think about whether the hand travel in these two years is a lot of quality. Is it a lot of games?

                It will take 1 to 2 years from the trial to the approval, which is obviously unbalanced for the rapid iteration of the hand travel industry. No. 1 is rare, but in order to promote online, it must be there, so the deck car appears. Put your new game on the already approved game name and put it online.

                The game deck is very difficult to detect for ordinary players, because they do not know the inside story, nor have they seen the game for trial. But clues can also be derived from reasoning.

                A few days ago, the propaganda of "destiny's divine realm" was a public platform for the "destiny divine world dream link", and today's announcement is the end of the test of destiny Delhi. The approximate rate is that this game was originally "dream link", which was set up on the skin of destiny's divine boundary.

                Of course, everything is speculation, with official announcement as the criterion.

                All right, this is the reason why the link of destiny dream boundary is brought to us. The whole content of the reason for the rectification of fate is shared, hoping to help you understand more.

                The "destiny divine boundary" was officially opened in April 7th, and it was connected to the three platforms of TapTap, BiliBili and IOS Apple store.

                With large-scale marketing and promotion, especially in major video sites (such as B station and fast hand), targeted advertising campaigns for specific users have made an outburst of fever when the shelves are on the shelves.

                On the day of the line, it rushed to the first free list of iOS free list game. That night, the dragon and boxing storm of R & D revealed that the first day broke 10 million.

                According to the statistics of seven wheat, in the past 20 days on the line up to now, the income budget of destiny Shenjie has reached about four million dollars, which is undoubtedly a bright horse in the hand travel market in April.

                However, official Bo suddenly announced that most of the players would not have seen such a popular hot hand tour.

                Respected links:

                It has been half a month since the official fate of the "destiny's realm". During this period, the project has gone through many twists and turns, and it has also brought some bad experiences to us. We try our best to deal with problems and constantly optimize the game's play and experience.

                Today, I am sorry to have a message with you. Because some of the contents of the game are not compliant, the version needs to be urgently reformed. At 16:00 on April 26th, the fate of the gods will respond to the instructions from the higher authorities, download the platform stores of all channels, and suspend all promotion and publicity activities. Players will not be able to download game packages on the Internet.

                In order to show the different charm of different characters in the game, we have neglected the restriction and examination of the performance of the characters. We are very sorry about this. The project team will take full efforts to deal with the unqualified content, and reinstall it at the first time after the adoption of the audit, and resume promotional activities.

                Since the game was launched, the project team has received many critical suggestions and gentle encouragement from the leader of the team. We have carefully recorded and actively explored the solutions. As a young team, there is indeed "lack of experience" and so on. Most of the members are making their own first game after entering the industry, so they bring bad experiences to us. We feel really ashamed, and at the same time they are more enthusiastic about "making a better game".

                For the game of destiny, we have many ideas for the future, and we haven't updated the version yet. In the face of everyone's expectations and haste, we are more anxious than anyone and want to show the prepared content to everyone as soon as possible. It is a heavy blow for the project team to "get off the shelves and suspend the promotion". Even so, we do not want to wait for you, nor do we want to disappoint you. We will do everything we can to get the game back on the shelves as soon as possible.

                "Destiny's divine boundary" is our painstaking effort after two and a half years. The members of the project group have been eager to polish and maintain with the enthusiasm and love for the game and the parallel world. At the same time, there are many players who always accompany us from the beginning of the game, with complaints and criticisms, but they never give up. We are deeply grateful and touched. This temporary change is what we strongly want to avoid but we have to do it. We hope to get your understanding.

                The tragedies and comedies of Huahai city are still playing. The young girls are still fighting, and the fate is still hidden in the fog.

                Whenever you enter the world of dreams, you will always be the hero of the story.

                Thank you for your fate.

                The "destiny of God" project team

                According to the author's understanding, there are two possible reasons: "soft pornography" and the problem of page number.

                Wire walking, soft edge "soft pornography"

                For the first reason, official Bo has made it clear. "In order to show the different charm of different characters in the game, we have neglected the restriction and examination of the performance of the characters. We are very sorry about this. The project team will try its best to deal with the unqualified content, and it will be on the shelves at the first time after the examination and approval. "Many of the" second generation "have seen what has happened here.

                That's right. "Destiny's realm" crossed the border. At present, many two dimensional games on the market, such as "Yin Yang Shi", "blue route", "tomorrow's Ark" and so on, are all trying to restrain the freedom of painting style in the exploration and trial, and avoid committing a crime that is enough to end the life of a game pornographic element. B's two hand tour "blue route" and "young girl front" have encountered the same problems before. Women's characters are too exposed or some scenes are too explicit, but fortunately, the problem is not large.

                But destiny is not so.

                I was lucky enough to set up an account for some time when the work was not done. As a healthy adult male of more than twenty years old, I saw one thing in the first moment when the woman painted it, and it was 100% intentional. In other words, making such a painting is not an explanation for the reason for "beauty". Enough sex spillovers and soft pornography have overtaken some of the bottom line.

                The law of the state and the practice of rules and regulations, focusing on the attractiveness of the female role as an important part of the two dimensional culture, will not arouse the objectiveness of the players and the public. At the most, the two words of "Mei Zhai" will be taunted. But if you exceed the limit, the problem becomes a character. The vulgar painting style, the exposed role, and the feedback from the touch screen and the characters are conveying the same message - this is the attraction of this game.

                Report number?

                The second reason is still in the conjecture stage. By inquiring the official website of radio and television, we can find that the Dragon boxing storm company's application for hand tour "destiny divine boundary" has been applied for trial in March 2019. However, we will be careful to find that the name of the game is "the destiny divine realm" rather than the actual name of the game named "fate divine realm: Dream link". Are there any loopholes in the procedure that we can not confirm for the time being?

                As for the "Chengdu Le Chan mutual Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.", which was registered before the "fate of gods" before the shelf, the official website has never seen the figure of the work, nor has there been any relevant advertising activities.

                In view of the general practice of the SARFT in the past year, that is, the backlog of inventory in the previous year was cleared before the end of July each year. The time of examination and approval of destiny's realm is likely to be earlier than that before the trial. All in all, it is possible that there is a certain problem in the edition of destiny's divine realm. Therefore, it is reasonable to recall the number of characters or to rectify the game.

                What about this game after putting aside these vulgar elements and page numbers?

                It is fair to say that the game quality is right, the pattern is slightly unitary, and the role matching can not be said to be the same. But the role of the first 6 yuan can be singled out for the whole team when the grade is backward. The plot is convenient and excellent, and has a clear sense of the world and personalities. But the level design is really lacking in originality. After finishing the first hurdle, you will know what the last hurdle is like.

                On the whole, this is a quality mean work. If we want to go further, we still need to continue to work hard.

                Therefore, the author believes that this rectification is not a bad thing, and we can learn from it the lessons and experiences we need to learn from it. As a young team, the "destiny destiny" project team does exist "lack of experience" and so on. Most of the members are making their first game after entering the industry, so they bring bad experiences to us. We feel really ashamed, and at the same time, they also have more enthusiasm to make a better game.

                Nowadays, the situation of the domestic game industry is very good. The "spiritual opium" hat is getting farther and farther away. The pioneers in the industry should set an example in order to make the game a healthy spiritual product in a real sense, instead of making profits and losing their true feelings in an unreasonable and irregular way. Finally, it is hoped that the fate of the gods can be completed at an early date and will be put online as soon as possible, so that all players can see a more prosperous "Huahai city".

                From the announcement of the fate of the gods project group, it is mentioned that:

                "In order to show the different charm of different characters in the game, we have neglected the restriction and examination of the performance of the characters. We are very sorry about this. The project team will take full efforts to deal with the unqualified contents, and resume the first time after the examination and approval, and resume promotional activities. (full text of the announcement)

                The news on the shelf even rushed to micro-blog's thirty-ninth hot spot. After fermentation, the game circle immediately aroused great response, and was also led to different directions by public opinion.

                According to some industry speculations, there are some non compliant content performance problems in the "destiny divine world" game role. Combined with the recent industry wind direction, punishment by relevant departments is also without reason.

                (role of destiny destiny)

                But there are still some netizens speculate that the fate of the gods of the next shelf may be related to the issue of the number.

                In the case of hand travel, the official website of radio and TV showed that the game product named "destiny divine boundary" was examined in March 2019, and there was no "dream link" in the registration information name.

                Incidentally, due to the 2018 trial stop, a large number of applications submitted before the trial stop were squeezed. Therefore, after a reboot, the inventory remained for a long time. The general consensus in the industry is that the completion time of cleaning up inventory is about July 30, 2019, that is, the fourteenth batch of home plate. With this speculation, the approval time of destiny's realm may be earlier than before.

                In addition, from the news of the publication, its registered operating unit is Chengdu Le Chan mutual Entertainment Technology game company, but its official website shows that its latest products include "flower and Xiao le", "hurry Three Kingdoms", "football manager H5" and so on.

                Looking back at it, the "destiny divine boundary" has already obtained over 310 thousand reservation volume and 8.6 expectation points in TapTap's internal testing stage, and then on line performance in April 7th is even more dazzling. On the first day, it boarded free list first and sold nineteenth.

                (game two TapTap performance at time)

                According to the Dragon boxing storm, when the three platforms were connected to TapTap, BiliBili and iOS, and no other Android channels were involved, the water on the first day of the destiny's destiny still exceeded 10 million.

                In the 20 days on the line up to now, the revenue performance of "destiny's world" has been relatively stable, and has been squeezed into the best-selling TOP10, most of which fluctuated on TOP30.