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                Chinese News Feed

                LEXUS Lexus brand is on sale day by day, UX 300E two cars on sale.

                youmenr @ 2020/04/27

                Lexus combines eastern culture, products and brands to create an innovative online publishing campaign. Among them, the new Lexus electric UX 300E, which has attracted much attention, is on the market. It has opened the prelude to the Japanese luxury car manufacturer's entry into the electrification era.

                The recommended retail price of Lexus's two new cars is 362 thousand yuan to 385 thousand yuan. In order to attract enough customers to target customers, Lexus also announced the brand new force spokesperson -- young singer and actor Wang Junkai. The UX series is Lexus's entry-level SUV. The entry of pure electric vehicles into the market has become an important complement to the entire product line.

                UX 300E is built on the platform of GA-C. It has the suspension system and shock absorber developed by Lexus for pure electric vehicle type. The center of gravity is low, and the axle load distribution is reasonable. The mileage of NEDC announced by the vehicle is 400 km.

                UX 300E is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor, exclusive PCU energy control unit and large capacity lithium ion battery. The new car supports two charging modes. It uses 32A or higher current AC charging pile to charge 6.5 hours from 0 to 100%. The maximum 125 Ann DC charging mode can be used from 50 to 75%.

                The voltage sensor of UX 300E can monitor battery core, battery module and whole battery pack, plus effective battery temperature management system, thereby improving battery performance. UX 300E is equipped with an active front grille to improve aerodynamic performance.

                UX 300E is equipped with upgraded LEXUS CONNECT Lexus intelligent Internet service. Users can remote charge, power management, car air conditioning and intelligent control of cockpit preset temperature through e-LEXUS CLUB smart phone application. It can also control the lights, air conditioners, water heaters and other electrical appliances that have already been connected to the Internet at home through the function of car home interconnection. For the first time, Lexus has applied the digital key in China. After the owner authorizes others to use the vehicle remotely, the other side can enter and start the vehicle through the smart phone and share the driving in real time.

                Lexus said that the new pure electric UX 300E uses a new electronic shift lever inspired by the flagship luxury GT sedan LC, with a unique design combining stitch leather and matte chrome plating. Not only that, Lexus has provided excellent after-sales service policies and financial policies for new cars. It includes free warranty and free maintenance for 6 or 150 thousand kilometers of vehicle, free warranty for 8 years or 200 thousand kilometers.

                Lexus's first exclusive charging parking spaces have been officially put into use at Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport and Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. The service will also cover many major business circles in many cities. In addition, the new pure electric UX 300E also provides financial solutions such as "matching principal and interest", "easy financing", "pure electricity worry free", and loyal customer support policy.

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                Chinese:LEXUS雷克萨斯品牌日上演时空连线,UX 300e双车发售