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                Chinese News Feed

                Explore space: trigger different events according to mood! Seemingly simple but incredibly cured exploration game

                TapTap_Game @ 2020/04/28

                "It's dangerous here. To look at the universe will suffer! But I will do my best to protect you! " ?

                Exploring space It's a healing game of exploration. You will be a lost person in the vast universe of the heart, and need to find light before leaving the dangerous universe.

                This NPC named Sarla will always accompany you to explore.

                The game began to give the interface very concise, and the background revealed a kind of silence, including the BGM. The content of the game is very simple. We need to look for the location of light from four directions (up and down, respectively). Each action will trigger the corresponding plot, and we will find the light from the color, smell and sound of the light.

                The map is moved by volume, and the color of the place is explored.

                Sarla, a sunny and lively robot (claiming to be a cell in our body) leads us to find light and leave here.

                Everyone's initial form is different.

                Pasini, a cosmic cat who loves to roast fish.

                Pignon, a penguin skilled in divination.

                Tada tat, a proud and self styled emperor's flea... And so on.

                These NPC, which exist in the universe, bring vitality to this game.

                The opening of the game will allow players to choose 25 words corresponding to their current mood, and each time they will choose about 1~3.

                If the player's choice is positive, such as hope, happiness, and sunshine, the characters you meet in the game will give you a gift.

                But if the player's choice is too dark, such as despair, gloomy and lonely, then you will hear a murmur similar to the devil at the beginning. Let you not trust Sarla, question the universe and ask if you want to live.

                The characters in the game will feel this negative emotion and give you something that will make you happy, as if telling you to live well and face life.

                such The devil's whisper will appear 5 times or so, and two of them ask if you want to live. If you stick to it, there will be colorful lights on the page. I think this is the essence of the game.

                I want to express the meaning of the whole work, I think it is very positive, it is a healing game of orthodox, but I feel that players need to stay calm when they are calm, otherwise they may feel bored.

                "Well, in order to live, let's look for the light."

                Click on the original to download "explore the light space" (iOS is not yet on line).