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                Chinese News Feed

                The key evidence of Zhou Yangqing's exposure is the close dialogue between Show Luo and Jane Carol.

                shenghuowanjia123 @ 2020/04/27

                Recently, the breakup of Zhou Yangqing and Show Luo has been bubbling with excitement. Only after these days of fermenting, there has been no sign of ceasing. On the contrary, it has become more and more intense. The most important thing is that many of the latest gossip has been put on the cusp of public opinion.

                Of course, the breakup of stars is not a big deal. Netizens are more concerned about what evidence Zhou Yangqing has in hand, which allows Show Luo to make an apology. After all, Zhou Yangqing's exploding material is too stimulating. Once any photo or video has flowed out, Show Luo's acting career is basically over.

                Just recently, the Taiwanese media exposed a big material. It turned out that Zhou Yangqing had real evidence in hand, and this evidence is the close chat audio between Show Luo and his only female artist, Jane Caleb.

                In fact, netizens estimate that Zhou Yangqing has forbore for such a long time to break the news of public separation. It must be left behind. After all, how dare she talk so much about such a big thing? In addition to the audio evidence, Zhou Yangqing, the estimated video evidence, is also left behind. If all of them are exposed, Show Luo and Jane calle are expected to destroy two people.

                Of course, after all, it was a love affair. Zhou Yangqing still left a thin face for Show Luo. As long as she apologized to the vast majority of female friends, she let Show Luo go. From the present situation, Zhou Yangqing's aim was also achieved, and it was estimated that she would not put any real hammer on the last resort.

                But for Zhou Yangqing's public revelations, the opinions on the Internet are also mixed. But many fans of Show Luo think that they can't finish their work by splitting their hands. If they can't keep their own men, they will be ruined. If they get along so long, can they find the piglets? Everything is your willingly, nestled in his aura, enjoy a good life, why go, do not want you, so noisy, if you fall in love, break up, it is necessary to destroy the other side, who will dare to do the real self, say piggy dregs, you choose an ordinary man try, choose a good person, can not stay, do not blame others, you want to embrace. There are people who are better than themselves, and piglets also want to choose better girls.

                Of course, the love affair between Zhou Yangqing and Show Luo is not only very clear to netizens and fans, but even the people who do not look at gossip such as Honglei Sun are all very clear. Not only in the program, but also on micro-blog, Show Luo and Zhou Yangqing were quickly married.

                Perhaps Show Luo would have heard so much of Honglei Sun when he had heard so much earlier. Show Luo felt that she really loved her. She really liked it, but for various reasons, she could not give her a distinction. She was separated from Zhou Yangqing. Maybe this is the society. The private lives of celebrities are relatively influential after being exposed, but there are still more sober things in this society than just being celebrities.

                Show Luo did not rely on his own "charm and charm". Come out and mix it up sooner or later. As a girl, protect yourself. In the face of slag man, there is nothing to be afraid of. In the final analysis, the reason why Miss Zhou dared to speak at the commanding heights of morality was because "nails are not tied to themselves". Because nails do not stick to themselves, do not feel pain at all, see others cry pain, can release the emotion of being thrown away.