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                Chinese News Feed

                The natural "stomach nourishing medicine" has been found. Remind: eat these 5 kinds of stomach nourishing food, the stomach is better day by day.

                sg6326 @ 2020/04/27

                If you don't pay attention to your diet and good habits, you can easily get all kinds of stomach diseases. Stomach diseases are very painful. And they are getting younger and younger. Many friends want to improve their stomachache by eating stomach medicine. In fact, you can keep your stomach as long as you pay more attention to your diet. Remind: eat these 5 kinds of stomach nourishing food, the stomach is better day by day.

                Chinese medicine has a saying that stomach disease "three points and seven points maintenance", seven points should be based on three divided treatment, after a comprehensive examination of the system after diagnosis, and with the spirit of rehabilitation, in order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. Therefore, these people should maintain good habits and cheerful mental state.

                The natural "stomach nourishing medicine" has been found. Remind: eat these 5 kinds of stomach nourishing food, the stomach is better day by day.

                Red dates

                Jujube has the effect of Supplementing Qi and blood and conditioning the body. For the stomach, it can regulate the Qi and blood of the stomach well, accelerate the speed of the movement of Qi and blood in the stomach, and avoid the problems caused by the lack of thorough exercise of the stomach. But jujube needs to be served with other ingredients.


                Because carrot is rich in carotene, therefore, it can protect our gastric mucosa and avoid injury and cause pain. The mucous tissue of the body needs Hu Russell. Once it is deficient, mucous tissue will go wrong and the stomach is the same. Therefore, people who suggest stomach discomfort usually eat more carrots.

                Chinese yam

                Yam has thick liquid on the surface. This liquid nourishes the stomach and repairs damaged gastric mucosa. From another perspective, as long as you eat more yam, it means protecting your stomach from harm. In the summer, because of the hot weather and loss of appetite, you might as well eat more yam, that is, to protect the stomach and nutrition.

                Black tea

                Drinking black tea can also nourishing the stomach. When you drink, add the right amount of jujube and longan to drink together, and the effect of nourishing the stomach will be better. Usually eat bitter melon, watermelon will feel uncomfortable abdominal distension or physical weakness, suggest that you drink neutral tea or warm tea, the elderly are suitable for drinking black tea.


                Pumpkin has the effect of detoxifying and protecting the stomach. In the Compendium of Materia Medica, it is recorded that "pumpkin is warm, sweet, invigorating spleen and Stomach Meridian", which can replenish the middle and replenish qi, diminish inflammation, sterilize and relieve pain. Pumpkin contains rich pectin, which can adsorb bacteria and toxic substances, including heavy metals and lead. At the same time, pectin can protect the stomach from irritation, reduce ulcers, use pumpkin to make porridge or soup, and nourish the intestines and stomach.

                The above foods are very common in our daily life. As long as you eat some of these foods, it is very good for your stomach. In addition to the above ones, we should pay more attention to eat less foods that are raw and cold, and eat more digestible ones.