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                Chinese News Feed

                Yun Chuang Da data is awarded the "special contribution award for epidemic prevention and control research" under the Bai Xia hi tech Zone.

                cStor_cn @ 2020/04/28

                In April 26th, the commendation Conference on "anti epidemic" excellent enterprises in Qinhuai silicon lane and the 4 / 26 World Intellectual Property Day policy seminar was held in Nanjing's Bai Xia hi tech Industrial Development Zone. This conference is hosted by the Nanjing Bai Xia hi tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, guided by Qinhuai district market supervision and Administration Bureau and Qinhuai 1+X public service center.

                At the meeting, Yun Chuang Da data was awarded the "special contribution award for epidemic prevention and control research" in the 2020 under the outstanding performance of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control research work. Shen Dawei, the director of outreach, took the certificate as a representative of Yun Chuang, and Wang Rong, director of the strategic promotion office of the Nanjing Intellectual Property Office, presented the award. In addition, Shen Da also shared the theme of "importance of intellectual property in the course of enterprise development" at the conference.

                In early February, under the invitation of the Guangzhou Institute of respiratory health, Yun Chuang Da data technology team, working with Zhong Nanshan's academician team and other units, made a scientific and accurate prediction of the trend of the epidemic. Research results based on the SEIR optimization model and AI's public health intervention in China COVID-19 outbreak trend prediction in "Journal of Thoracic" Disease is published in the Journal of chest diseases.

                In cooperation, in order to scientifically predict the trend of epidemic development, the technical team established the new crown pneumonia epidemic prediction model with the help of improved SEIR model and artificial intelligence technology, and made a two edition forecast of the epidemic trend. Through long-term observation, it is found that the actual trend of the epidemic is quite consistent with the prediction made by the technical team, which provides a reference for the epidemic prevention and control strategy, and provides a scientific basis for the government to make scientific and overall decision.

                As a high-tech enterprise based on big data storage and intelligent processing, Yun Chuang Da data is committed to the practice and application of Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and AI technology in all walks of life. Yun Chuang Da data is willing to work together with relevant units to make unremitting efforts for the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention work and even the development of intelligent medical business.

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                Do you know how accurate the epidemic prediction is headed by academician Zhong Nanshan?

                Zhong Nanshan academician team rate cloud Chuang Da data and other co written new crown virus epidemic prediction papers published

                Yun Chuang Da data is involved in completing the new crown pneumonia epidemic forecast and reporting to academician Zhong Nanshan.

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