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                Chinese News Feed

                Mao Xiaotong, 30, and Wang Ziwen, 31, wore lamb coats. The difference was a bit too big.

                yncdhk @ 2020/04/28

                In the new year, visiting relatives and friends for a long time, what fashions do they wear to keep them warm? You might as well learn how to dress for a star. 30 year old Mao Xiaotong and 31 year old Wang Ziwen go home for the Spring Festival. They wear white lamb coats. Although the style difference is a little big, they are both beautiful and warm. They are very old age. Which shape do you like better?

                Mao Xiaotong appeared at the airport, wearing a clean white fur coat, fresh and sweet. With her lovely, shoulder length short hair and air bangs, beep mouth and scissors hand to sell Meng, so that 30 year old girl, like a 20 year old girl, is very sweet and charming.

                The long fluffy coat was very warm and wrapped all over the calf. It was warm and fresh. The white lamb coat, though thick, does not give people a feeling of overstaffing. Even a fat girl can control such a long coat.

                Mao Xiaotong is wearing black clothes, and his black sweater is slim and thin, with black tights and simple. Mao Xiaotong also paired with colored sneakers, adding a bit of witty maiden feeling, especially age reduction.

                A red handbag, as the finishing touch, adds a few colors and highlights to the whole model. It is the great lady with money and quality. It happened that Wang Ziwen, 31 years old, was also wearing a fur coat when he was at the airport. But the rice white coat seemed to be a little less clear, and the stain resistance effect should not be good. Do you like it?

                Wang Ziwen and Mao Xiaotong comb the same hairstyle, shoulder length and short hair with Qi Liu Hai, plus her pair of aura and big eyes. If you are really thinking about a new hairstyle girl, try these two female stars' hairstyles.

                However, Wang Ziwen's interior style is more personalized and fashionable, with a fresh white shirt as a bottoming suit, with light blue tight jeans, which is exceptionally fresh and nice. However, the boots on her feet were very easy to catch up, and became the focus easily.

                The design of the boots made of colorful cloth splicing is full of sense. It adds a bright eye and modern fashion to a plain color model. In fact, Mao Xiaotong and Wang Ziwen are quite similar in age.

                They are all cute and short hairstyles, but they are different in style from their fur coats.

                Did you arrange for a fur coat for winter wear? Wearing a long white coat that looks very smart and sensible and going home for the new year, parents and relatives will all praise the pups. Who doesn't like it?