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                Chinese News Feed

                Will become the strongest competitor in Tesla, super long endurance, intelligent car running Xiaopeng P7 officially listed (22.99-34.99 million)

                cheshijie_autoworld @ 2020/04/28

                Yesterday, Xiaopeng car through more than 70 mainstream platform joint online live, held a "7 and wisdom" as the theme of the press conference. At the press conference, Mr. He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng automobile company, announced that its two products were officially listed on Xiaopeng P7, a smart car running long distance. After the comprehensive subsidy, the whole country suggested that the retail price of CEO would be 22.99-34.99 yuan.

                At the same time, all the users who bought the smart edition will provide XPILOT3.0 software upgrade service. The standard price is 36 thousand yuan. If the user completes the lifelong service purchase at the time of paying the vehicle, it only needs 20 thousand yuan. The new car will start delivery at the end of June 2020. The price and start-up time of different models and versions are as follows:

                For customers who have participated in the activities such as the doubling of P7 of Xiaopeng in the early stage, they can enjoy 23% off hardware price preferences. At the same time, in April 27th -4 30 Xiaopeng P7 listed activities, the newly established users can enjoy 16 thousand yuan in the purchase of car rights plus 23% off hardware discount.

                Mr. He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng automobile, announced P7 price.

                XPILOT 3 automatic driving assistance system

                An automatic driving solution suitable for Chinese road scenes

                As an intelligent advantage of Xiaopeng's P7 core, automatic driving will provide XPILOT 3 with an automated driving solution suitable for Chinese road scenes for domestic users. The system has the most powerful automatic driving hardware structure of mass production vehicle.

                The 14 cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors constitute the only 360 degree dual sense fusion system in the industry, which is able to recognize and observe the external environment accurately, just like human eyes. Among them, far, middle and near to three cameras and side cameras cover more than 180 degrees of vision, which can realize lane recognition of narrow corners and recognition of vehicles at close range.

                Under the parking conditions, two side forward cameras can identify the forward parking spaces. The whole industry can achieve automatic parking for the first time without crossing the parking space. The new generation of forward millimeter wave radar has reached the top level in the industry, and the detection distance is the first breakthrough in the industry for 200 meters. It can effectively penetrate the rain, fog and haze, and still stabilize the detection environment in the scenario of reduced visibility. The four corners of the vehicle have the same high performance and accuracy millimeter wave radar, which achieves the highest industry configuration.

                In terms of positioning ability, Xiaopeng P7 uses high German high precision map, with accuracy of up to decimeter, which is the basis for realizing Lane level positioning. At the same time, the use of three high precision positioning hardware (GPS+RTK+IMU) makes the global positioning accuracy up to centimeter level. In addition, the use of instant location and ground map construction technology (SLAM) makes the relative positioning accuracy of P7 less than 0.3%, and the three technologies complement each other. And superposition can effectively improve the stability and safety of automatic driving in overpasses, tunnels or bad weather.

                At the same time, XPILOT 3 is the first automatic driving mass production plan in China, which is equipped with the Vivian Xavier computing platform. The computing platform can achieve 30 trillion times per second, which is 12 times the EyeQ4 platform currently used by the mainstream. Moreover, Xiaopeng P7 has two sets of computing platforms. The XPILOT3.0 computing platform and XPILOT2.0 computing platform are completely independent and redundant. The core module of the XPILOT3.0 computing platform reaches the highest level of ASIL D of vehicle functional safety, effectively protecting the stability and security.

                Coupled with the precise control capability brought by BOSCH iBooster, P7 can bring many kinds of high level automatic driving auxiliary functions such as high-speed autonomous navigation, parking and parking. Since Xiaopeng automobile has always insisted on the end to end closed-loop capability of self research, P7's automatic driving assist system can achieve rapid functional iteration by learning the driving habits of users and closing data loops.

                Xmart OS 2 brings new interaction mode and powerful application service ecosystem.

                Xiaopeng P7's intelligent music cockpit is equipped with a new generation of Xmart OS. 2 vehicle intelligent system, based on the most powerful vehicle entertainment chip Qualcomm Xiaolong 820A of mass production vehicle, aims at making targeted optimization for vehicle scene, bringing new 3D intelligent image for intelligent voice assistant P, and supporting the image of vehicle assistant for the first time in the industry. In the future, small P is no longer uniform, wake-up words and so on can also support the user's own definition.

                At the same time, the system supports the whole scene voice and intelligent interaction pioneered by Xiaopeng automobile. It will have the following core capabilities: support wake-up words and instruction customization; continuous listening, without repeated wake-up calls; interrupt at any time and proceed to the next step. At the same time, P7's self research application operation in the next 90% can be completed through voice, and it will actively recommend intelligent services in many fields.

                In terms of Applied Ecology, Xmart OS 2 supports the dual ecosystem of app store and Alipay applet, and now supports more than 100 applications and services. At the same time, vehicle hardware capability can be opened to third party applications under the safety stalls, and vehicle applications and services can be manipulated by using the hardware capability of the vehicle, such as using the steering wheel operation "wild drag racing" game, or when using the car karaoke to achieve the rhythm of the ambient lights.

                In addition, Xiaopeng automobile has reached strategic cooperation with Alipay. Alipay applet will open up the car account of Xiaopeng. Users can control the vehicle remotely through a small program or open the door as a car key, so that P7 can become the most intelligent car that opens the door. At the same time, the vehicle system will be fully connected with the million Alipay Mini program, so that the small program service that is more suitable for the use of logic in the car can be integrated into the application ecology of P7, so that Alipay can be strong. Service capability for users of Xiaopeng automobile.

                Natural intelligence is more than intelligence.

                P7 redefines the "excellent" standard in the traditional pure electric car running field.

                Xiaopeng automobile and Germany top team jointly develop P7 chassis, and use BOSCH intelligent brake control, Brembo brake system, Ningde era high-energy density battery, and use the front double fork arm + rear five link independent suspension, iBooster intelligent braking, intelligent continuous active vibration damping system and high-performance three in one drive, the top hardware enables P7 to have NEDC comprehensive endurance mileage to 70. 6km's super long endurance, four-wheel drive version of 4.3s 100 km acceleration, less than 35m 100 km braking distance and other extreme performance.

                At the same time, P7 has the top NVH performance, and carries the Tana Dynaudio theater level Confidence audio system. It has 20 channels with the most domestic production cars, and the 600W high fidelity power amplifier. And the unique sky sky channel brings 3D immersive experience. Prior to this, P7 has gone to Denmark to complete the tuning work of Dana's stereo. It was jointly completed by Xiaopeng car and Dana tuning team, so that P7 took the brand idea of Dana "Zhen Zhen Hui" and made it to the bel canto.

                Not only that, P7 also achieves five passive safety, battery safety, air safety, information security and active safety through five star safety standards, the whole system achieves IP68 waterproof and dust-proof battery pack and B column lateral collision enhancement, Xfreebreath intelligent air purification system, independent information security module PSO, 360 degree real-time sensing active safety warning system and other hardware and functions. Full protection.

                Enterprise robust service upgrade Xiaopeng automobile adhere to intelligent car race track

                At this conference, He Xiaopeng not only explained the product strength of P7 in many ways, but also introduced a series of achievements in enterprise operation since 2019: at present, Xiaopeng automobile has nearly 4000 employees worldwide, of whom the proportion of R & D personnel at headquarters is more than 60%. 60% of R & D personnel are engaged in vehicle research and development, 40% in AI, automatic driving and Internet research and development.

                In 2019, Xiaopeng motor completed the C round of $400 million in financing. From January 2019 to the end of March 2020, the total number of sales outlets increased from 8 to 113, covering 5 cities to 57, and the total number of service outlets increased from 0 to 73, covering urban growth to 52. At the same time, the number of signings for Xiaopeng super charging station increased from 54 last January to 164, covering 5 cities to 35 seats, and third party charging pile access from 100 thousand to 200 thousand +, forming a three party joint charging network.

                At the sales level, Xiaopeng G3, the best performance of the C-NCAP five star safety evaluation and China Insurance Research collision test, was awarded to 16521 units, as of March 2020, with the total number of intelligent versions accounted for over 90%, and the C end users accounted for 81.04%. These data fully reflect users' recognition of smart cars, and also indicate that Xiaopeng has gradually become the most popular brand of smart cars.

                Xiaopeng P7's super long endurance smart car run not only has super long endurance, precise control, extreme speed charging, sexy value, and has the dual differentiation advantage of self driving and intelligent music cockpit. It will become the most powerful "Challenger" in the field of Tesla's largest market segment.

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                Chinese:将成为特斯拉国内最强对手 超长续航智能轿跑小鹏P7正式上市(22.99-34.99万元)