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                Chinese News Feed

                Every day, the bitterer must have his master to sleep, because it has gone through a sad past.

                menggoukong @ 2020/04/27

                Dog lovers pay attention to big AI Meng dog control

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                No one likes to be lonely, so do animals. In the United States, a bit dog is suspected of being abandoned by its owner and finally left in shelters. The only thing that happens is that the shelter is destroyed by space and wants to destroy it. Fortunately, a good hearted person adopted it in time.

                After being reborn, it often sticks to its master and holds its master. And this bit dog has to hold his master every day before he goes to sleep.

                3 years ago, Kayla Filoon met the Russ, a 4 year old dog at the shelter. It was a very dear dog. She also knew many basic instructions, such as sitting and stopping instructions, which made Kayla speculate that Russ had once been a pet dog and wandered to the hospice. ?

                When Russ was discovered by the public, he was in poor health. At that time, it was only 40 pounds, and there was no hair on his tail and ears. "Though it is a stray dog, it should have been abused."

                Kayla often volunteered at the hospice, took the shelter dogs to take walks, and brought them into contact with more outside things. When she took Russ for a walk, she fell in love with it for 5 minutes. ?

                It is a very lovely dog. When walking, it is very sticky. Even when it is in the courtyard, it will follow the feet, and when other dogs are making a big noise, it will never follow the barking. It is a very good dog.

                So when she knew that there was not enough space for the shelter to prepare for the destruction of Russ, she rushed to the hospice to handle her adoption procedures the next day and decided to make Russ her family.

                Russ also seems to like Kayla to be a family member. It often follows Kayla, and even holds her and does homework with her. "I put her bed beside it, but it doesn't want to lie there." If I lie down, it will put my head on my arm or lie on my chest.

                Kayla looks at the Russ of his family, and thinks that the decision to adopt it is very correct. "Russ is the most grateful dog I've ever met."

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