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                Chinese News Feed

                No one dares to pick up a lot of luxury cars on the Sichuan Tibet line.

                Speaking of Tibet, also known as the roof of the world, its average altitude can reach more than 4000 meters. It is precisely because of this that many people are full of longing and yearning for Tibet, but the road to Tibet is not so smooth. This road is

                paochejidi @ 2020/05/21

                TOYOTA Supra sexy "hip" is not made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber.

                Wen / Ruan Jincheng, why do you often see that the sketches in the hands of the designers are beautiful, but after the mass production vehicle, the performance is general? One of the main reasons is that the design lines can be bold and beautiful, but in

                autolab @ 2020/05/21

                Exclusive: static experience to replace independent suspension of the new generation of Beiqi BJ212

                This article is an original shooting and writing for the new energy intelligence analysis network. It aims to introduce the static evaluation draft of the new generation of BJ212 independent off-road vehicle which is replaced by the new state independent

                leningrander2408 @ 2020/05/21

                Can I import A35 into AMG group?

                Our impressions of AMG are all irascible, pure and uncompromising. A35L is an important step in AMG. Even the high Mercedes high performance department has learned to suit the local conditions, and has launched an extended version for the Chinese market.

                AM-automedia @ 2020/05/21

                Dongfeng Peugeot no longer enjoys a new generation of 2008.

                IAUTO the speed and depth of attitude 2020/05/21 the mighty lion in Dongfeng Peugeot still yells at the Peugeot brand's courage and persistence. Wen Wei Jin Qiao Luo Chao's edited little Tinker reminiscence has been a thing of the past, but the mi

                iAUTO2010 @ 2020/05/21

                Greasy uncle can not understand the "waves", and the new Peugeot 2008 stubborn.

                Expressing love days, 520, the new Peugeot 2008 officially appeared. The new Peugeot 2008 provides two options: fuel version and pure electric version. The fuel version includes 5 versions, and the electric version has 2 editions, of which the fuel price

                wenshucheyun @ 2020/05/21

                Another year's "520"! Let's see what kind of "show of love" the dealers have.

                In recent years, "520" is like the Valentine's day and the seventh night of February 14th. At the same time, businessmen have also identified the opportunity to launch various activities, such as holiday sets, flowers and gifts, to meet everyo

                buycarjun @ 2020/05/21

                130 thousand less than buy mixed cars, hundreds of kilometers of fuel consumption to 4.7L, and sports kit optional?

                To mention the light mix system, I believe many friends first think of the Audi brand, which is a pioneer in introducing the light mix system into the flagship model of the brand in the same level. However, nowadays many brands have launched relatively li

                myautolive @ 2020/05/21

                Scheduled to explode, 37 years after listing, Santana needs to be replaced.

                Speaking of SAIC's first sales volume? It is estimated that many people will think of Langyi. As for second, can you think of who? And the answer is Santana. This type of vehicle that has been introduced into China since the last century is a truly po

                gzwcjs @ 2020/05/21

                If I were doing pure electricity, I would welcome the arrival of TOYOTA BEV.

                01 to accelerate the layout of pure electric power, it is only a fine-tuning strategy in the past two months. TOYOTA's C HR EV, Lexus UX 300E and FAW TOYOTA Yi Ze E have been listed, marking TOYOTA's completion of the first step in the layout of p

                dear_auto @ 2020/05/21

                About Haff H9, some people love to go crazy.

                May 19th is a very busy day. This day is a tourist day. It has a reputation in history. Many memorable and interesting things have happened. In 2020, May 19th is different. On this day, Haff H9 combined with rowrence, Sanfo outdoor and Yun Liang reworked

                wenshucheyun @ 2020/05/21

                What is the practical significance of Zhu Huarong's speech in the two sessions?

                The number of words in this paper: 2375 word reading time: 7 minutes to enhance the brand power of Chinese automobile, such a proposal is not the first time that Zhu Huarong has been mentioned at two national conferences. However, under the background of

                zhongshujiadao @ 2020/05/21

                Which part of the car consumes the fastest and fastest? See how often you change!

                Like buying a car and buying a house, it has become a rigid demand. But buying a house is hedging and buying a car will depreciate, mainly because cars are expendable. But do you know which part of the car consumes the fastest? I don't know how long i

                qcsstwx @ 2020/05/21

                The helmets went crazy, and the Mavericks sold only 3 yuan.

                Guangxi, did you buy helmets? Guangxi, did you buy helmets? Guangxi, did you buy helmets? Recently, the Ministry of public security's traffic control bureau deployed the "helmet area" safety guard action notice, and the electric vehicle helmet

                ngzbnews @ 2020/05/21

                Dongfeng Motor wants to push the "H plan" to hit the high end, and the system capability will become the key.

                This time we will see orient cars heading for the high-end market. Are you optimistic? Dongfeng Automobile "H plan" surfaced, can it become the next red flag? As one of the largest comprehensive automobile groups in China, Dongfeng Motor has alway

                marketingauto @ 2020/05/21

                Domineering "little lion" strong attack tonight, the appearance of super high value, equipped with 1.2T three cylinder engine.

                Many people in France often think of a word "romantic". After all, the French like to pursue a romantic tonality for everything around them. Therefore, in the automobile field, the legal system car also likes to continue the romantic style. Unfort

                CarHall @ 2020/05/21

                The car seat has been tuned for 10 years. It has always been mistaken. No wonder driving is so tired.

                I believe many friends have already obtained the driver's license, but they still can't drive after they get the driver's license. Especially in the actual driving process, there will always be such a problem. On the one hand, their driving sk

                kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/05/21

                Test drive on practical, might as well be a little more wayward - Chuan Qi GS4 Coupe

                SUV is very popular, but the aesthetic and demand of consumers are constantly changing. More and more products at the same level also urge the car factory to focus on the market segments to find new breakthroughs, such as giving SUV more practical attribu

                AM-automedia @ 2020/05/21

                NPC deputy Wang Fengying: "only mileage theory" is not desirable. We should focus on the development of small electric vehicles.

                Wen Tengteng Dr. Martin car totem, without permission, declined to reprint the "two sessions" at the occasion of the NPC deputies, the Great Wall automobile President Wang Fengying again to boost the auto industry voice. On May 22, 2020, the three

                chetuteng-com @ 2020/05/20

                Can the new Roewe RX5 PLUS of new car ring up the banner of "national tide"?

                Because of the limited technology level, the self brand of early years is still very inadequate. Basically, it can only survive by cost-effective. However, in 2006, SAIC Roewe came out of the world, directly from the high-end models, with the synchronizat

                ershixiongCar @ 2020/05/20