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                Chinese News Feed

                4 billion, 36 years old boyfriend, this rich woman is not easy!

                The two most impressive photos of the Vera, Wang, are the most impressive pictures of the origin. The reason why the list is simple is that she is 71 years old. Now you are not mistaken. The Chinese born in 1949 was a fashion designer Vera Wang.

                Apple1990-kun @ 2020/05/14

                [focus on Watches & Wonders 2020] Lange Zeitwerk Minute Repeater changed this color!

                The Zeitwerk Minute Repeater introduced by Langer in 2015 is the only watch in the world that combines mechanical character display and decimal three query device. The structure is so complex that it only takes months to assemble. In 2020, the brand intro

                Apex_Manual @ 2020/05/13

                Summer is on line! The white line of cooling is recommended.

                The hot summer is coming, but in fact, if you wear less skin, it will be more basking in the sun. You can try to cool your clothes with cool colors and light fabrics. It is better to start with white products, create simple and refreshing models, and show

                minazazhi @ 2020/05/13

                This woman who deals with money every day is not vulgar at all.

                Those women who earn millions annually, especially those women who are active in the world politics, are all practical and fashionable. At least for them, "putting on clothes" is more like a strategy to shape their own image. Like Merania Trump an

                ellechina @ 2020/05/13

                Grass is worn by the "hot Sha" sports underwear, and the right is slay.

                Spicy Lisa is not only a dancing genius, but also an impeccable figure. In the video, she wore a short white Crop Top, revealing her underwear in her underwear. Bobbi, please stop giving away your charm! Jimei people who often follow Lisa's little sis

                fulishechina @ 2020/05/13

                Taiping bird hand in hand technology: let the girl pick "T" more fashionable.

                Summer is coming. Hot and humid weather makes people feel very uncomfortable. Air conditioners are cool but they can not be carried with them. This makes consumers eager for cool feeling fabric. T-shirts have been given more hope as the basis for the most

                fzdmag @ 2020/05/13

                French fashion pioneer Mix Chinese classical style, one second fall!

                Over the past two years, Chinese style elements have sprung up in international fashion circles, such as the white crane, graceful and elegant cheongsam, warm and generous Chinese red, and so on, which shows that Chinese culture is constantly permeating a

                Global_fashion_365 @ 2020/05/11

                This summer's NO1 dress is it!

                Attention is like star logo is true love Taobao search shop BIGKING big gold house to say summer what single product best wear, that is not a dress. For a crowd of lazy and fashionable girls, the dress is an essential item in the wardrobe. Free from the t

                dajin520dajin @ 2020/05/11

                2020 summer fashion color! Liu Yifei and Yang Mi wear it on the hot search.

                Hour, "if you live secularly, you will have a good future." Hello good evening, fairies! 22:22, hour coming! Today is a complete set of colors. Red is very hot, and blue is worn through many times. So what is the color of summer clothes? Taro purp

                @ 2020/05/11

                A Jiao holds sixty million property, and after the divorce, he releases the tender version of Edison Chan.

                In May 9th, according to Hong Kong media reports, after the news of divorce between A Jiao and Lai Hongguo came out, more information about two people was dug up. Two people divorced in fact had long been harbingers, and more friends had exposed two peopl

                yazhi667 @ 2020/05/11

                The simplest way to wear is also the most beautiful. A few early summer foundation wear look

                I find that when working and learning are stressful, especially buying and buying, the feeling of getting something you like can really relieve pressure to a certain extent. Coupled with the change of season, I seem to have got the legendary shopping impe

                nrnr88 @ 2020/05/11

                Summer is the best! Come and get your hair color!

                In the summer, when you want to be cool, you must refresh your hair and choose your hair to welcome the beautiful summer. -1 summer wants to change the image. The fairies must choose the romantic Cherry Blossom powder. No matter long hair or short hair, y

                minazazhi @ 2020/05/11

                "Slag girl wind" OUT! The sweet and spicy wind is the real male and female eating.

                Good evening, sisters. My cousin recently saw LadyGaga and BLACKPINK's "SourCandy". This month 29 is about to be announced. I can do this very well. I am really excited to rub hands and expect our group to return!!! No business days can only b

                fashioncousin @ 2020/05/11

                How many girls have been destroyed by "cheap feeling"?

                In the face of a garment, what aspects should we judge whether it will be cheap? Many times we buy clothes to buy a style, but obviously some of them do not look very much. They wear their bodies and feel a sky underground. Do you have such doubts in your

                qizhinvc @ 2020/05/11

                What do you wear next week? Gao Yuanyuan has two faces in two days. After I studied it (very effective)

                Within a few days, Gao Yuanyuan's figure had two faces. Recently, the goddess of round circles has begun to open up. She appeared with Mark, who had taken her wife and enemy the other day. Xiao Zhao's hands still carried their children. On that da

                cosmochina @ 2020/05/11

                Tian Liang took the Sai Sai to the airport, the son saucer was young and tall, but he looked like an adult. He was 12 years old and his legs were longer than his father.

                Source: Li Shang 77 May 8th, Tian Liang took his daughter's saucer together to the airport. The father and daughter had long been out of public appearances to dress up for leisure. Mori was also a "woman's father." Tian Liang, as a former

                miaoshav @ 2020/05/11

                Zheng Shuang appeared in his red boots, bright and rustic, and his footsteps were clearly behind him.

                Speaking of Zheng Shuang, I believe that many netizens will not be strangers. In those days, a "meteor shower" was also popular among many stars. Zheng Shuang, who played the role of a female master, was also familiar with the play and was surroun

                dapeijineng @ 2020/05/10

                39 years old is still pure, compared with marital status, I would like to know how A Jiao maintains.

                A Jiao finally divorced, a little surprised, but it was a surprise. It was reported on Friday that A Jiao and Lai Hongguo divorced in March 1st, and A Jiao's brokerage firm soon confirmed the truth of the news. Marriage in December 2018 seems to be a

                yixianchaopin @ 2020/05/10

                Xun Zhou dressed up in a charity show, full of demeanour of "square mother".

                All along, everyone's understanding of Xun Zhou came from her deductive works. Under her works, we knew that a person's acting skills could be good. Xun Zhou didn't let everyone down, in acting. Until now, Xun Zhou has continued to bring more

                db5118 @ 2020/05/10

                Countdown 7 hours! Ray teacher's dress match live webcast to bring you "big change"!

                What do you know about your body shape? What kind of knowledge do you want to know between body size and clothing? We have seen so many celebrities and bloggers' street pads and wear, but they always feel that they are very imitative. (don't alway

                @ 2020/05/10