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                Chinese News Feed

                Military figures in epidemic prevention activities in old China

                In the old China, epidemic prevention and disease prevention work was mainly undertaken by health organizations and police departments, but as a very influential army at that time, it was unavoidable to participate in it. Although it was difficult to make

                wenshiyijia2016 @ 2020/05/19

                The image of the local chronicles of China: Xianfeng: the famous relics of the ancient city of Chong Xue Wen Tang ya, the world's southern dramas, the heroic family and the heroic hymn.

                CCTV- 102020.5.20 At 23:06, "Xianfang County of Hubei" was published at 23:06. Xianfeng County's trailer, Xianfeng County, was located at the junction of Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou and Chongqing. In the spring and Autumn period, it was divided into

                cctv10_kejiao @ 2020/05/19

                Set up a foolish old man to move mountains, rain or shine, and advance bravely.

                The Chinese people are the people with great dream spirit. In the 2020 issue of the tenth issue of "seeking truth" magazine "speech at the first session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress", general secretary Xi Jinping talked

                qstheory_001 @ 2020/05/19

                Ma Guochuan: why do I pay so much attention to Japan? New opinion on "Wen Wen"

                A few days ago, following the Enlightenment of the country, Ma Guochuan, a financial magazine, studied Japan's second book, "the crossroads of the country". This book describes a brief history of Japan from the 1912 emperor's accession to

                ifengopinion @ 2020/05/19

                289 years of the Tang Dynasty's national transportation: the single log bridge is full of top poet.

                Why do people in Tang Dynasty write poetry so well? Yan Yu, a poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, had such a unique view in Canglang's Poetry: "Tang takes poetry as a scholar, so there are many specialized schools. This is to say that the imperial

                solovehistory @ 2020/05/18

                A textual research on the life of Qiu Chen Jiang

                The death of Chen Jiang, the oldest man in the portrait of emperor Qiu, was first known by the age of Qi. When he read the records of the robbery in Qing Dynasty Dongling tombs in 1928, he was responsible for the aftermath of his work with Bao Xi and Chen

                shanghaishuping @ 2020/05/18

                Yu Zhenhong: the first grass in the Book of Songs.

                Last week, we met the mulberry tree in Book of Songs. Today we will follow Mr. Yu's approach to the first plant in Book of Songs, the first grass: the first grass of the "Book of Songs": the difference between the Chinese cabbage and the Chine

                zhanghuangguoxue @ 2020/05/17

                Those who are poor in character are open to silence.

                Author: Ru Feng Jun source: ID:rufengdajia, the ancients said: mouth is the door of the heart. What kind of heart is there when a man speaks? In most cases, judging from a person's speech, he can judge a person's character. People with bad persona

                JJHH98888 @ 2020/05/17

                In 676 ad, the most rigid man of Empire.

                Ancient Mexico society has been familiar with Wu Zetian's 01 ways. For the sake of Gong Dou, she did not hesitate to strangle her newly born daughter, to blame the queen of the queen. Later, she carried out the "fancy inheritance" and abandone

                gumoshe @ 2020/05/17

                Salute the general for 80 years of martyr! Jin Jing and Shanghai all named their roads.

                Bearing in mind the historical moment, it is general Zhang Zi-zhong's martyr 80th anniversary today. He was the highest ranking general in the war of resistance against China. 80 years ago, in May 1940, in order to control the upper reaches of the Yan

                audiotj @ 2020/05/17

                Li Chengqing's book day lesson: the imprint of life in his remaining writing -- Reading Liang Qichao's revised edition of "academic history of China in the past three hundred years"

                Day book of writing: the imprint of life in writing: reading Liang Qichao's "academic history of China in the past three hundred years" In the academic history of China in the past three hundred years, Li Chengqing, Liang Liang, is known as &#

                zhanghuangguoxue @ 2020/05/16

                Openly grab money! The rise of Nazism in the United States tries to freeze all China's assets in the US.

                A seemingly unrelated thing happened to China on these two days has aroused great concern from the author. It is probably that: in May 9th, on the day of the victory of the Russian anti fascist war 75th anniversary, Olga Shirnina, an amateur coloring divi

                JUNWUKU @ 2020/05/16

                Review the strong man's Political Return

                Robert Kagan's Translation: Tao Xiao Lu's "Oriental History Review" WeChat number: the historical low of ohistory1 authoritarianism. Historians and political scientists have long argued that there are no ideological factors contributing to

                ohistory @ 2020/05/14

                Cheng Qian: Xiaoxiang's revolutionary life

                Cheng Qian, ode to the word cloud, is known as "Ode to the public". In March 31, 1882, he was born in a farming family in Liling County, Hunan province. Cheng family was not well-off at that time. When Cheng Qian was 9 years old, his family gradua

                wenshiyijia2016 @ 2020/05/14

                The real Song Renzong is more complicated than the TV play.

                Zhao Zhen was the fourth emperor in the Song Dynasty. He became a throne in 1022 and was in power for 42 years. He was the longest ruling emperor in the two Song Dynasty. His nature is benevolence and tolerance, political clarity and ease, and prosperity

                Peopleweekly @ 2020/05/14

                Dingyuan: Millennium Village, Village revitalization, anti Japanese war spirit, eternal pool dance, unique Huangmei Opera, euphemism and euphemism.

                CCTV- 102020.5.15 At 23:06, the "Anhui records of the Chinese image", the Dingyuan volume, the Dingyuan chapter trailer, the Hou Jia Zhai cultural site, is located at the north of Yuanzhuang village, seven Li Tang Township, Dingyuan county. The si

                cctv10_kejiao @ 2020/05/14

                How did the first railway in the late Qing Dynasty be demolished? Short historical records

                In July 1863, 27 overseas companies in Shanghai jointly proposed to the governor of Jiangsu to request the construction of a railway from Shanghai to Suzhou. In the same year, British engineer Stevenson came to China to receive support from the British Ja

                tengxun_lishi @ 2020/05/13

                Ci Xi, the most feared woman, died suddenly at the age of 45.

                Guangxu seven years (1881), early March, ten, 45 year old queen of mercy died suddenly. The news came too abruptly and shocked the world for a moment. The queen mother (-1881 1837). "The barnyard note" records that one day before the incident, she

                solovehistory @ 2020/05/12

                Answer: let the Tang Dynasty and Nanzhao die together

                This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude" signing account, comment on topic area. How do you see Nanzhao's role in the collapse of the Tang Dynasty? Tang died in Huang Chao, and disaster was based on Guilin. The historian sum

                lengpaolishi @ 2020/05/12

                How does history go out of the "human centered" thinking?

                Written by Wang Qingjia: oriental history review WeChat number: ohistory Wang Qingjia, Professor of History Department of Rowan University, Professor Jiang Changjiang, Peking University (2007 to present), director of international history of history and t

                ohistory @ 2020/05/11