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                Chinese News Feed

                No demolition, smashing can "Huan" new home? You don't know the soft loading machine.

                The relationship between our family and our family is very subtle. It is not too bad to describe this idiom with a long face. For this life-long companion, we must use our love for home furnishing. After 10 or 20 years, we do not seek the trend, but we ne

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2020/05/16

                170 "cold" four bedroom, the son room "appearance" really amazing to me!

                The design concept is ldea American style, with light gray as the main tone. The overall atmosphere of the space is revealed by ash, white and black. The clean and elegant layout reflects the good taste of the owner. Case sharing area: 170 HP: four reside

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2020/05/08

                Gray + black modern design, this summer makes you cool to "burst".

                The hot summer is coming. Are you afraid of the heat? If you can turn on the air conditioner and drink a cup of Iced Milk Tea, WO~ is not too happy. The design case introduced today will make you feel calm and cool. Case information style: modern wind wri

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2020/04/27

                NO waste the space below the stairs! The following 10+ "wonderful" case will make your home different.

                Whether it's a large apartment or a small apartment, every space in the home should be properly utilized. Recently, watermelon finds many families have a common problem! (sorry, I have occupational diseases), the space on the staircase will not be use

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2020/04/21

                You know what? The lights are not good enough to destroy everything! Your family must do so.

                Many people pay more attention to the space in the living room when decorating their homes. Do you need lights in the hallway? What kinds of lights can be installed in the hallway? Today, let's take a look at how well the entrance lamps can be used. D

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2020/03/21

                The small niche can make the space in the home several times bigger. This small hole is not simple!

                Welcome to "watermelon good things classroom". Today, we will recommend this "good thing" to you. It will appear in the form of riddles. Guess it together. Riddles can be hidden in a corner of my home as long as there are walls. They say I

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/21

                The ideal new Chinese style, Chinese elegance + modern fashion, temperament is better.

                The home environment surrounded by wood can always bring people a sense of steadiness and warmth from inside to outside. Therefore, the Chinese style of wood is the essence of home style. Today, Xiao Tong wants to introduce this model case to you. The own

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/19

                Unified international home to show you how to build a modern home with 140, three modern houses.

                The design concept is a set of modern luxury extravagant home decoration cases, with a calm spatial layout and elegant layout. The background wall is decorated with emerald, which is the light luxury that the house owner wants. This set of low-priced home

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/19

                Unified international household recommendation 127 cases of new Chinese case, is the heritage of millennial family charm.

                Recently, a little research has been done by the students. Most people still prefer the new Chinese style home. But many small partners wonder why they buy the same set of solid wood furniture. Today, Guan classmate will tell you about the design of the n

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/18

                There is no need for melancholy in the home to solve the problem of humidity, odor and ventilation.

                Under the restriction of Huxing, many families have to accept the existence of a dark guard. For the dark Wei, no decoration may be the dark space of the feeling before, and I really don't know that when we really put it in and moved in, we find that

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/17

                Safety knowledge, safety hazards at home, do you know? For the baby's decisive collection.

                Some time ago, the photos of traffickers "Mei Yi" were spread over the whole network. The number of families destroyed by traffickers is almost as bad as the itch of their teeth. With the whole network forwarding of "Aunt Mei" portrait, ma

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/14

                126, the American three houses, the value of the living room is too high, it is the feeling of heartbeat.

                Saying: This is a case of light luxury clothing, revealing a little elegance in intelligence. The luxury of the house is not exaggerated, but the designer is just right. Is there anyone who does not like this kind of tone? Case information: Area: 126 / un

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/12

                Unified international home with different design! Restaurant and living room "soul swap" ~

                I have seen so many "serious" design cases. Today, we will unite the international home sword to take the lead, and recommend different designs. Here, look for different inspirations. Recently, I love American style only because of its freedom and

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/10

                Do you often sleep poorly at night? Look at these bedroom design mistakes.

                What kind of bedroom do you have in mind? Anyway, after seeing many home cases, Xiao Tong summed up that the bedroom is nothing more than a bed, two bedside cupboards, a wardrobe (custom-made or finished wardrobe), three standard sizes, and a larger area

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/10

                Tatami meets small Huxing, so the design of a room to change two rooms, beautiful and practical!

                Tatami can be said to be a love and hate existence. Well? People who love it feel that the small family size is small, the use space is limited, tatami collection, rest, leisure and multi-function in one, is simply a small apartment artifact. Those who do

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/07

                Do wealthy people make this custom? Luxurious and delicate, sour and sour.

                Today, Xiao Tong will introduce a set of elegant high-end custom-made model rooms for you. To see the first example of this model, Xiao Tong can only describe it in two words: luxury and luxury. I can't afford to buy and can't afford it. After rea

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/05

                200, Chinese modern two houses, life is simple and elegant.

                The design concept is a set of Chinese style mixed modern style home decoration cases. The designer carries forward the spirit of innovation, integrates modern elements with Chinese style, and deduces the traditional oriental aesthetics. The atmosphere an

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/05

                Unify the international home to talk about 130 Japanese three houses, clean and elegant interpretation of comfortable life.

                The design concept of this set of design cases gives people the first impression that it is clean and elegant and makes people pleasing to the eye. It is precisely because of the designer's ingenious talent that this romantic and sentiments home is cr

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/04

                Feed one's sight on! Small partition in the home furnishing dress unexpectedly so bright? It's not too late.

                In many people's impression, partition is only used to separate the non real walls of the space. But the "big girl eighteen changes" has been widely used in home decoration design because of its beautiful and changeable advantages, "C debu

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/03

                The most full switchboard outlet of the year, illustration + explanation, electrician direct call: wonderful ah!

                The process of home decoration is often the most noticeable. It is the decoration of the large furniture (because we can personally select and Design), the remaining water and electricity, and so on. We can only turn to the shopkeeper (because we do not u

                Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/11/30