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                Chinese News Feed

                Mom, I'm fine.

                In the recent 5 monthly magazine of the magazine "fashion bazaar", we invited 5 supermodel mothers to take part in this activity. Because of special circumstances, we regret not being able to get together again. These lovely mothers and babies hav

                bazaar-china @ 2020/05/11

                Unexpectedly, the most popular yellow dress in 2020 was defeated by the red skirt with the top flow.

                Who will wear Vol. for 129 weeks this week, and the female stars will be able to return to work in high gear. Also gradually get rid of the home to mirror self timer to go out of the look day, not only in the variety of equal, various performances also le

                bazaar-china @ 2020/05/10

                Jennie and Yu Shuxin are all wearing "women's skirts".

                From "Qing you 2" to "sister in the wind and waves", the recent draft of the women's group is really in full swing. Unwittingly, "women's League" has become the most popular vocabulary nowadays. How to create a female regim

                bazaar-china @ 2020/05/06

                What made him become a fairies?

                Which girl does not like Xiang Xiang's stuff? The pleasure that the smell brings is different from the happiness brought by lipstick, bag and shoes. What we feel is more of a feeling of being cured. In addition to perfume, fragrance and fragrance, mor

                bazaar-china @ 2020/05/02

                The plain grey sportswear is so hot.

                Recently, the most popular problem in shoe circles is that Stussy and Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage2 have jointly stolen shoes. And then the St ssy x Nike's "ugly dress" and "Jin Xiao Ya" are seen on the screen. At first glance, Jin Xiao

                bazaar-china @ 2020/04/28

                The big power wears the little white skirt into Yang six years old, "the clothes rack of the song" cowboy, I order again!

                Who will wear Vol. 128 this week? If you say that last week, many young stars are still on the edge of trial business, this week, everyone has come to the surface and started to work. Rarely, the six styles on this list are totally different. There is no

                bazaar-china @ 2020/04/26

                Is this lucky girl with small eyes lucky?

                When Jin Jing walked into the live room of Li Jiaqi, the first time of her career crisis was encountered. Miss Kim Gu put the live room into the latest sketch. "I gained 115 pounds in three weeks". The reward is dense, even when I watch N, I can l

                bazaar-china @ 2020/04/23

                Givenchy director of art leaves office, Lady Gaga calls you to see free concert! [weekly times]

                Art director Clare Waight Keller left Givenchy brand's first female creative director to quit. Recently, LVMH's brand Givenchy released Ins announcement and Clare Waight Keller termination cooperation. Givenchy says, "thank you very much Clare

                bazaar-china @ 2020/04/19

                This love that has never been blessed is the aspiration of all Asian women.

                Yesterday was Shizuka Kudo's 50 year old birthday. Takuya Kimura gave her birthday wishes at 31 a.m. in Japan. It was an unprecedented photo of two people. This is the first time that two people have shared their love on social platforms since they me

                bazaar-china @ 2020/04/15

                From the apple sweater to the open jeans, is it too delicious for the female stars to return to work?

                Who will wear Vol. 126 this week, when the city is being rebooted by the pause button, the actress's return to work is slow and orderly. Huadu opened, everyone's spring clothes did not play hard, but on the contrary, all of them are generally comf

                bazaar-china @ 2020/04/12

                I choose the first pair of high heels in spring.

                As the weather gets warmer, it is found that many fashionable young people can't wait to change their heels and shoes. Bella's long long denim pants contain a pair of "shovel style" square heels with a cowboy suit and handsome scores. Kyli

                bazaar-china @ 2020/04/06

                Jacquemus called you to take part in the home art competition, and Prada gave me another reason to rush out.

                Jacquemus invites you to take part in the house art competition, but you can also make art. The homepage of Jacquemus has always been an exquisite collection of obsessive-compulsive disorder. But how did he suddenly start to send other people's pictur

                bazaar-china @ 2020/03/28

                The bean split is 6.9, I think it's low.

                In the summer of 2018, a big female King's palace drama "Yan Xi Raider" was launched across the whole network in 2020. In the spring of 2020, a drama in the Republic of China, which was created by the original class of "the eve of the Jubi

                bazaar-china @ 2020/03/22

                It is hard to predict that the Chinese actress will start wearing clothes while the foreign actress is going to have a home.

                This week, who will wear Vol. 124 for nearly two months, who will wear this week as if to see all kinds of status, the Chinese stars who disappeared on the list have begun to resume business, and the hot red carpet abroad and the streets have been deserte

                bazaar-china @ 2020/03/22

                Takuya Kimura's eldest daughter declared her way! What's the smell of LVMH's hand lotion? [weekly times]

                Takuya Kimura's eldest daughter, Mu Cun Xin Mei, announced the way out. There's another one! Heavy news this week! Following Takuya Kimura's youngest daughter, K Ki, two years ago, after the sensational debut, Takuya Kimura's eldest daught

                bazaar-china @ 2020/03/21

                Walk into 15th anniversary of alexanderwang, redefine stylish mobile phone with personal aesthetics.

                "You can't guard your own area while expecting other people to to", "you can't be complacent, defend your territory, and expect others to understand what you want to do."

                bazaar-china @ 2020/03/19

                LV is expected to record the strongest joint names! There is death Bobbi powder that everyone can wipe? [weekly times]

                Virgil's first LV joint serial Louis Vuitton x Nigo is not a joke! Last December, the Virgil Abloh update Ins announced that it will cooperate with Japan's trend of heavenly kings Nigo, so that the entire fashion industry is eagerly looking forwar

                bazaar-china @ 2020/03/14

                Fashion bazaar 180 seconds Paris fashion week special

                Hello, everyone! Welcome to the fashion bazaar 90 seconds! In the autumn and winter fashion show in Paris fashion week, the major brands have set foot in the show. Louis Vuitton has invited hundreds of choirs, Balenciaga has built a flooded stadium, and M

                bazaar-china @ 2020/03/13

                Leave me alone. I like to wear the rest of the others.

                Q & A: is the bag more than the armpit bag? (click the blank to see the answer) all said that the waves of the Yangtze River pushed the waves ahead. I wonder if you have noticed that the trend of armpit bags has slowly faded away this year. Instead, t

                bazaar-china @ 2020/03/12

                What are strong women in mind?

                Have you seen the perfect relationship? As the "devil in the public relations circles", Chen Shu, vice president of DL communication, who played by Stella, has covered many points of the play with his own character of dragging mud without water. I

                bazaar-china @ 2020/03/12