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                Chinese News Feed

                What did the female star who was in the early stage of pure fire set up?

                These stories also start with Zheng Shuang's first photograph of happy camp at the age of 18. At that time, the meteor shower was just launched for a week, which was the highest topic. Although there are many thunder spots in the play, for example, th

                cosmochina @ 2020/05/14

                What do you wear next week? Gao Yuanyuan has two faces in two days. After I studied it (very effective)

                Within a few days, Gao Yuanyuan's figure had two faces. Recently, the goddess of round circles has begun to open up. She appeared with Mark, who had taken her wife and enemy the other day. Xiao Zhao's hands still carried their children. On that da

                cosmochina @ 2020/05/11

                Liu Mintao's expression management is hot. South Korea, Ernie is playing skills, this is the legal beauty.

                Korean middle-aged actress does not need to play the evil mother-in-law and maiden in Korean dramas. Yesterday, Liu Mintao's performance was directly searched. Netizens jokingly called "immersive" performance, she is very state, should "sh

                cosmochina @ 2020/05/07

                What did she want to steal at Xun Zhou's house last night, so she stood on the roadside and opened her voice?

                Singing the most loving music with the most primitive equipment. In 1986, it was also the eve of mid summer, May. More than 100 singers stood on the stage of the workers' Stadium, singing a song "let the world be full of love". At that time, L

                cosmochina @ 2020/05/06

                Gigi is 20 weeks pregnant?! With the United States and the United States, and finally locked a family.

                Gigi, 25, and her 28 year old boyfriend, Zayn Malik, will be their first baby. Gigi has been pregnant for 20 weeks, but the sex of the child is unknown. (it was said that it was a girl) Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid some time ago, Gigi was drying up a lot dur

                cosmochina @ 2020/05/01

                Ni Ni Song Zuer's travel photo, shoes wash eyes most

                Seek no fashion, but seek not to grind your feet. Today is the first day of May 1 holiday. Do we all go out to play? COCO today went out for a picnic wearing a pair of special shoes, and I realized that it is very important for us to have a good and fashi

                cosmochina @ 2020/05/01

                White Tee's "scorn chain" is naked. 1000 is better than 100.

                A white T-shirt is the smartest investment in your wardrobe. Today, COCO wants to discuss with you. There has been a problem with pure white T-shirts. As a high consumption single product, is it necessary for us to spend more expensive prices to buy it? W

                cosmochina @ 2020/04/30

                One button advanced, gold and silver made of pure clean skirt.

                The news is so exhilarating that everyone is celebrating and spreading it to the rest of the world! There are Korean dramas to catch up. Lee Min Ho, Kim Gao Yin - Goddess goddess joined hands, watching the starring lineup is enough to make Korean girls cr

                cosmochina @ 2020/04/28

                Wang Junkai is good at our band MC. What does it depend on?

                "Why can I sit there and watch the performance of the musicians?" 01 good band MC depends on intelligence and gentleness. "Why can I sit there and watch the performance of musicians?" "What angle should I take part in this program?"

                cosmochina @ 2020/04/20

                There is abundant evidence! Girls all over the world are learning French women's clothes.

                There are girls in a country who can't resist their own customs. Girls around the world are learning from them. Most of the time, our hearts and minds are French girls. Occasionally riding a bicycle on the weekends, leisurely blowing the wind, buying

                cosmochina @ 2020/04/18

                Guo Jingfei, the most ruthless in history, is the most ruthless Gao Lu in history.

                There are always people evaluating the level of a play with team line-up, but we must know that the real strong lineup is not how many stars are playing with the screen, but from the script preparation to the meticulous and careful shooting. Su Mingcheng

                cosmochina @ 2020/04/16

                I finally got to the day when Jennie paid the same discount.

                The annual discount "broken hands season" is coming! Money is spent on the blade. This is not true. Taking advantage of Mytheresa's Easter promotion, COCO spent the whole day doing homework with his lifelong shopping experience. Without flying

                cosmochina @ 2020/04/03

                Liu Yifei is in sports. He is running at night. I am lying down to order their sports clothes.

                The difference between us and female stars is that they are frantically burning fat at home wearing sportswear, while you and I are wearing pajamas at home and eating Hesse... Do not believe it? First of all, let's take a look at the sexy hot girl, Ji

                cosmochina @ 2020/03/29

                Short hair is pretty rare, not to mention as handsome as the three of them!

                Compared with the various long hair gentle women who often appear on the screen, the short hairstyle female characters that are not very common at ordinary times seem to bring new surprises to us every time. "Li Tai Yuan class" Li Zhu Ying Tags: m

                cosmochina @ 2020/03/22

                No matter how the female face of the Korean dramas changed, the ten great beauties were still the enlightenment goddess.

                Look at the beautiful sisters in childhood memories. Korean netizens really don't want to be too fond of ranking artists. Whether they are in accordance with appearance or temperament or even fighting, believe me, there is no ranking you can't fin

                cosmochina @ 2020/03/12

                The earrings worn by Stella can buy Suites in the flash of lightning.

                The actress in the hit show recently, which is not exquisite to earrings, will not let go! "Perfect relationship" is now catching up. We have always been "miserable" Stella (played by Chen Shu). At last, we said goodbye to the "little

                cosmochina @ 2020/03/11

                Those who compete with the two generation do not have to compete for the C position. What are they fighting for?

                Others were born in C, and they were born in C. Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping, HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei, Huayi Brothers CEO Wang Zhonglei, screen goddess Chingmy Yau, Kungfu star Jet Li, these familiar names behind us, they are not yet

                cosmochina @ 2020/03/09

                From "smelly face net red" to "Wangwang Xian Bei", Bella used only two years.

                This woman is really charming! Bella fashion week too bright eye in the just concluded 2020 autumn winter fashion week, Bella Hadid the whole person's state is good to fail, will twist the ultra beautiful girl, who will not love it! Moschino F/W 2020B

                cosmochina @ 2020/03/09

                It's better than watching the guests. It's a Chinese supermodel.

                2020 the autumn and winter fashion week is coming to an end. The performance of the national model can not be underestimated. The veteran is not the number one veteran of the show, but the two of them are not concerned. Xiao Wen: the 7 most familiar thing

                cosmochina @ 2020/03/06

                What will I wear next week? You missed the difference of 2000 yuan between China and Europe.

                2019 is the world of hobo. Looking at the street for the first two days, I found that my little sister who had never been able to wear did not miss hobo. If you wrap it in a thick winter, it will be exquisite to carry such a handbag. Che Jingyuan, Zheng S

                cosmochina @ 2019/12/23