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                Chinese News Feed

                Takeshi: there is simply no suitable job for me.

                Many people know about Takeshi because of movies and gossip. In fact, before becoming a great director, Takeshi worked as a funny entertainer for a long time. He worked with Two and Beat in the two group of funny people. Later, Takeshi was a director and

                doubanbooks @ 2020/04/28

                The history of romance: what about love? Hurt money!

                Last year, there was a love affair report after 95. According to the report, 4 of girls hope that ideal lovers will spend tens of thousands of dollars in the month. In short, the standard of love is allowed to be measured by money. It is better to talk ab

                doubanbooks @ 2020/04/27

                The life of Song Renzong who was "disliked"

                Paying close attention to the "Star Ping" bean cake reading and seeing more good books, the ancient drama "qingpingle", let the Song Dynasty of the fourth generation of Song Dynasty "circle". About the emperor, the most widely circ

                doubanbooks @ 2020/04/23

                The tragedy of Peking University Girl suicide: how to identify whether you are loved or blackmailed?

                Attention and star marker bean cake reading to meet more good books these days, Peking University Girl Li Li suicide case is rampant. The most heartache is: why is it that such a girl with high academic qualifications and independent spiritual world will

                doubanbooks @ 2019/12/16

                Kevin Tsai: the worst EQ is to please others and lose themselves.

                People who are concerned about the "star symbol" bean oil reading and meet more good books, who are trapped in modern life, will always get seven words and two words of "EQ". On the one hand, we pursue "speak" and "behave".

                doubanbooks @ 2019/11/29

                Shirley and Gu Ha Ra died one after another. How many girls do they want to kill?

                Winter is coming fast this year, and the temperature is dropping rapidly. On the afternoon of November 24th, Gu Ha Ra, a Korean actress, was found dead at home and suspected suicide. She was a popular member of the KARA of the women's group. She was 9

                doubanbooks @ 2019/11/27

                Eileen Chang in the lyrics, with thousands of styles, more to whom

                Attention and star marker bean butter book to read more good books. This article is from Miss bean, @ Miss Dong, thank the author for providing high-quality original content for Eileen Chang. Her works are read by millions of people. Her story was also wr

                doubanbooks @ 2019/11/13