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                Chinese News Feed

                A 80 - odd apartment, as white as snow, looks beautiful in the heart.

                With the emphasis on decoration, the minimalist style is also loved by many people. The minimalist style shows people's pursuit of simple beauty. Ordinary people do not like too complicated decoration design. On the one hand, it shows that minimalist

                jiasjmt @ 2020/05/10

                Modern simplicity and private residence can not hide exquisite beauty!

                Modern low-key luxury style pays attention to the simplicity of hard decoration techniques, but seemingly simple and simple appearance, it often reflects a hidden noble temperament. This temperament is mostly embodied by some refined soft elements. The li

                jiasjmt @ 2020/05/05

                193 level design, light and luxurious Nordic style, perfect and exquisite!

                Today, Qi Fang Fang shares a 193 level flat design. The owner wishes to have a large entry cloakroom or two. Nordic wind, white space, black lines, with light luxury Antique Brass elements. It's really beautiful. Let's take a look at it together w

                jiasjmt @ 2020/05/04

                Exquisite simplicity design, the most stylish!

                How many people are eager to escape and find a moment's purity in the confusion of life and the complexity of their work. And the simple home caters to this era of simplicity, purity, freshness, natural space, and a port that makes people intoxicated.

                jiasjmt @ 2020/05/03

                Home, you have to have a delicate fan.

                Today, Qi Fang Fang's sharing of this in Taipei's own house is the perfect implementation of simple natural wind, not excessive decoration, highlighting the natural texture of raw materials, emphasizing the equal importance of storage and living s

                jiasjmt @ 2020/05/02

                This is called the Ping Ping floor, the 400 floor, and the villa is not changed.

                Simplicity is not simple, simple but not beautiful. The owner who wants to share today is a big white layer with 400 tones of white tone, and the details are full of delicate expression. The designer's design is purely pure, reducing the sense of crow

                jiasjmt @ 2020/05/01

                310, the top floor villa, here to grow flowers, dinner, beautiful!

                The hostess who came into contact with the house is a very beautiful, elegant, generous and independent lady, warm and hospitable. Her conservation has laid the tone of the whole work. The designer marveled at her attitude towards life. After chatting, sh

                jiasjmt @ 2020/04/30

                Minimalism - simplicity and extravagance

                Many people think that "Minimalism" is simple. However, the real meaning of minimalism is not simplicity. It simply integrates a completely new way of life into design thinking. Minimalism is also a luxury. It simplifies the design of elements, co

                jiasjmt @ 2020/04/28

                165. Modern simple, relaxed and comfortable space to create a happy and happy environment for children.

                Today, Qijia Fangfang wants to share a set of 165 square meters modern simple style decoration cases. The overall space adds a large area of wood sense on the basis of simple and generous foundation, providing an easy activity space for children with open

                jiasjmt @ 2020/04/27

                260 flat and simple wind, with black, white and wood color, create a personality and fashionable home.

                Today, Qi Jia Fang shares a modern wind simple wind case of 260 square meters of building area. The pattern of the house is five rooms and two rooms. The designer takes black, white and wood colors as the main colors, and matches some wooden furniture and

                jiasjmt @ 2020/04/21

                Meet the most heartbeat family!

                In this 292 space, a large number of natural elements are used. The spacious public area, the background wall of the concrete slab, the smoky sofa, the warm wood elements, which are warm and comfortable under the good lighting, and the warm yellow single

                jiasjmt @ 2020/04/15

                Light industry, private residence, minimalism + refreshing, so that no burden on vision.

                In the huge enclosed concrete jungle, the buildings are towering to cover the horizon of the people, and the sky, light and green gradually disappear in life. With the alienation of man and nature and bold innovation of light industrial design, the space

                jiasjmt @ 2020/04/05

                145 LOFT, like its French windows, with a warm personality.

                Qijia Fangfang today wants to share the 145 square meter LOFT. Black and white is its main color, mixed into Haraki Yuanso, and enters the interior full of high sense. If you are also an avant-garde and fashion oriented person, such a minimalist design is

                jiasjmt @ 2020/04/04

                Fresh and natural minimalist villa, light and lines have an artistic sense.

                Qijia Fang Fang today introduces the simple lines, large blank spaces, high design living rooms, large area of glass, so that the light can permeate the whole space and broaden the scope of vision. The whole design method adopts straight lines, showing ra

                jiasjmt @ 2020/03/14

                371m, modern minimalist villa, the overall space is very simple and generous.

                Today, Qi family Fang Fang introduced this is a set of 371 square meters of modern minimalist style villa decoration cases, the overall space with a simple and generous foundation, in the villa housing pattern under heaven and man in one design, indoor sp

                jiasjmt @ 2020/03/12

                The overall layout of the space is minimalist, making the design simpler.

                Today, Qijia Fangfang also introduces the apartment with an area of 111 square meters. The space layout is simplified by means of minimalism. The neat and clean top and wall reflect the quality of modern simple life. The design of the entrance plan is mai

                jiasjmt @ 2020/03/06

                Soul matching is so advanced!

                Minimalism is the soul of the unruly, creating simple, but not simple, simple style of bare concrete walls, giving space unlimited imagination, this is the essence of design. Now let's take a look at the footsteps of Qijia Fang Fang. The designer comb

                jiasjmt @ 2020/03/05

                65 square meters, the wood's warm texture and tone make people relaxed, emitting a warm texture.

                65 square meters, designers pursue comfort in material, pursue fashion in color matching, pursue smart and multi-purpose in functional areas. The warm texture and tone of wood make people relaxed, and the temperature just can make the family feel warm. On

                jiasjmt @ 2019/12/23

                85 square meters apartment, simple space to make use of a large number of wood elements, create a warm and peaceful home atmosphere.

                The area is about 85 square meters, and the whole apartment is permeated with a sense of warmth and comfort. From the wooden floor throughout the whole space to the wooden background wall, a large number of wood elements are used to create a warm and peac

                jiasjmt @ 2019/12/21

                Light color camp to create fresh and vibrant living space.

                Designer Yevhen Zahorodnii uses a large number of natural elements to create a simple neutral tone space. In the two layer of private space, a fresh and vibrant living space is created through a light color camp. In open space, differentiation penetrates

                jiasjmt @ 2019/12/20